Watch: BTOB Takes 3rd Win For “Missing You” On “Music Bank,” Performances By Taemin, Highlight, GOT7, And More

The October 27 episode of KBS’s “Music Bank” featured Highlight’s “Can Be Better” and BTOB’s “Missing You” as contenders for first place. BTOB’s “Missing You” won with 7,526 points making it their third music show win with their latest title track. Leader Eunkwang thanked their agency’s CEO, company employees, dance team, and everyone who has helped them. He asked people to be careful not to catch a cold and thanked their fans the most. During the encore, Highlight and BTOB members embraced each other with the senior group congratulating their former labelmates.

Congratulations to BTOB!

In addition, DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon filled in as a special MC in place of LABOUM’s Solbin today.

Watch BTOB’s win and performance below!

Today’s episode showed performances from A.C.E, DK (December), GATE9, GOT7, IN2IT, RAINZ, SF9, TRCNG, Golden Child, NU’EST W, DIA, MASC, Parc Jae Jung, BTOB, UP10TION, Lee Ye Joon, K.will, Taemin, 4MEN, Highlight, and HaeA (LipBubble).

Watch performances below!

Taemin – “Move”

Highlight – “Can Be Better”

NU’EST W – “Where You At”

GOT7 – “You Are”

DIA – “Good Night”

RAINZ – “Juliette”

K.will – “Hello Autumn”

4MEN – “Break Up in the Morning”

Lee Ye Joon – “Sincerely”

Parc Jae Jung – “The Villain”

SF9 – “O Sole Mio”

UP10TION – “Going Crazy”

Golden Child – “DamDaDi”

TRCNG – “Spectrum”

A.C.E – “Callin'”

GATE9 – “Chemical”

MASC – “Do It”

IN2IT – “Amazing”

DK (December) – “About Time”

HaeA (LipBubble) – “Paris, Party”

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