Han Ye Seul Goes Shopping Undercover In New “20th Century Boy And Girl” Stills

MBC’s “20th Century Boy and Girl” has released new stills of Han Ye Seul shopping at a grocery store.

In the drama, Han Ye Seul plays the role of beloved actress Sa Jin Jin. Although she is the embodiment of elegance in front of cameras, Sa Jin Jin is actually a down-to-earth person whose joy of life is gossiping with her friends.

The released photos show Sa Jin Jin shopping at a grocery store by herself without her manager or friends. As one of the most popular celebrities in the country, she has to wear sunglasses even inside the supermarket.As she walks around picking up groceries, Sa Jin Jin is confronted by a group of excited children who recognize her and ask for her autographs. The top actress does not panic and quickly calms the children before signing autographs for them. However, this calm, experienced celebrity becomes disconcerted in the following stills. In the pictures, Sa Jin Jin is trying to hide after wrapping her face in a scarf so she won’t be recognized.One hilarious photo shows her holding a pack of gum as she looks surprised at something, drawing attention to what happens to Sa Jin Jin in the grocery store.During filming, Han Ye Seul is said to have perfectly portrayed the childish character of Sa Jin Jin who has zero interest in housework. She not only displayed the charismatic side of the character who controls the unruly children with a single shush, but she also nailed the comical acting of hiding herself wrapped in a scarf. The production staff reportedly couldn’t hide their smiles as Han Ye Seul performed the “one-man show” at the supermarket.

The production company Huayi Brothers shared that the upcoming episode will give answers to why Sa Jin Jin is shopping when she has no interest in food and what makes the usually-composed actress so flustered.

“20th Century Boy and Girl” is a romantic drama telling the story of top celebrity Sa Jin Jin, who is torn between her first love Gong Ji Won (Kim Ji Suk) and Anthony (Lee Sang Woo), whom she has been a fan of forever. As Gong Ji Won comes to live with her family and she begins filming “We Got Married” with Anthony, the love triangle is intensifying.

The drama airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. KST.

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