TVXQ’s Yunho And Kyung Soo Jin Share Why They Picked “Melo Holic” And What It Was Like Working Together

On the afternoon of October 30, the OCN cross-platform drama “Melo Holic” held a press conference at the Youngdeungpo Times Square Amoris Hall in Seoul.

Present at the conference were writer Park So Young, TVXQ’s Yunho, Kyung Soo Jin, and Choi Dae Chul.

When asked why he chose “Melo Holic” as his first project back from mandatory military service, Yunho said, “When I read the synopsis, it was a production I wanted more than anything to do. I saw Eunho’s innocent side and thought, ‘I have that side to me as well.’ I wanted to show people that side of myself.”

Kyung Soo Jin said, “I chose this production because there are a lot of genres mixed in and it’s entertaining. ‘Melo Holic’ twists left and right as my character switches personalities. Taking on two characters at once could be considered a challenge, but I chose it because I had fun reading the script.”

The two characters also talked about their chemistry on set. Kyung Soo Jin said, “It was difficult approaching Yunho at first. I think it’s because I might have a slightly introverted side. But on set he was very thoughtful and respectful and bright. We had good harmony together and it was comfortable.”

Yunho added, “Through this production, many of Kyung Soo Jin’s merits will come to light. She holds the key to a reversal [of the plot]. I think you will be able to see new sides of her – and for me as well.”

“Melo Holic” is a love story based on a webtoon between a man with supernatural powers and a woman with multiple personalities. The drama is set to air every Monday and Tuesday at 9 p.m. KST, starting November 6, and will be available exclusively on Rakuten Viki.

Watch the trailer for “Melo Holic” below!

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