Exclusive: SEVENTEEN Changes The Game Up At Showcase For Powerful Comeback With

On November 6, Soompi had the opportunity to attend the media showcase for SEVENTEEN’s highly anticipated comeback with their album “TEEN, AGE” and their latest title track “Clap.”

The group has shown consistent growth since their debut in 2015 and their second studio album “TEEN, AGE” is a direct reflection of the group’s evolution into more powerful and charismatic artists.

After posing for group, unit, and individual member photos (see bottom of article), SEVENTEEN sat down to answer reporters’ questions about their comeback.

When asked how “TEEN, AGE” relates to their previous album “Al1” as the next chapter of their “2017 SEVENTEEN PROJECT,” the members responded that “Al1” expressed the emotions that they had felt when they faced hardships in the past. “TEEN, AGE,” on the other hand, is a way for SEVENTEEN to show the energy and strength they have gained because of their fans’ love and support.

Vocal unit leader Woozi explained that their title track “Clap” is “an exciting track that has layers of significance.”

He continued, “Our title track tells the story of a young boy who grows as he steps out from loneliness and into a bigger world.”

The group was also asked how they felt when they saw their songs being covered by their juniors and also on shows like “Produce 101 Season 2,” to which the members said, “We feel the desire to work harder with every new cover performance of our songs that we see. We also did a lot of cover performances when we were preparing for our debut and…so we’re very honored and thankful.”

Seungkwan also admitted that he was probably the member that got the most excited about juniors covering their songs and confessed, “I rewatch the videos of the cover performances often.”

The group has been extremely busy this year but especially the past couple of months, as the group recently finished their four-month long world tour. Despite their packed schedules, the group still somehow found the time to put together a studio album. When asked how they managed that, Mingyu explained, “We met a lot of fans over the past four months while we were on tour…and, rather than feeling like we didn’t have enough time, we found strength in the energy our fans gave to us.”

Performance leader Hoshi talked about the impactful choreography for their title song “Clap” and said, “‘Clap’ is a very energetic song, which is why we focused on putting together a choreography that has an explosiveness to it.”

Hoshi then added jokingly, “They say clapping is good for your health. So our choreography [for ‘Clap’] is good for everyone’s blood circulation.”

The group performed their title track “Clap” and didn’t disappoint, as they showed off their slick, perfectly coordinated choreography while singing live.

The group closed out the showcase with a performance of one of their B-sides “I’m Wearing A Hat,” which showcased a more mellow and subdued (but equally powerful) performance.

Check out the rest of our exclusive photos from the showcase below!

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