SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Reveals Thoughts On Making Comeback At Same Time As Super Junior

On November 6, SEVENTEEN held a press showcase for their newest album “TEEN, AGE.”

When asked about making a comeback on the same day and time as Super Junior, Hoshi started, “I am happy and it is an honor to promote together with our seniors.”

He shared, “They are seniors that I developed my dreams while watching since I was young, so it makes me think that I have once again achieved a dream. ‘Sorry Sorry’ was released when I was in my sixth year of elementary school, and I remember dancing to it in front of my friends.”

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Hoshi concluded, “I think that we should work harder like the [Super Junior] seniors.”

SEVENTEEN’s album “TEEN, AGE” and Super Junior’s album “Play” will both be released at 6 p.m. KST today.

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