Shin Jae Ha Asks Lee Jong Suk For Help In New “While You Were Sleeping” Stills

SBS’s “While You Were Sleeping” has delivered suspense and satisfaction to viewers as they watched Jung Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) crack cold cases and win trials. New stills previewing this week’s episode shows a preview of another difficult case headed for Jae Chan.

Last week, viewers learned a bit more about Myung Dae Goo (Lee Do Gyeom), who is in the same class as Jung Seung Won (Shin Jae Ha). It was briefly mentioned in previous episodes that Dae Goo’s father was in jail. Then last week, the news on TV reported that the IV serial killer hung himself and died in his jail cell, followed by Dae Goo clutching his heart and crying.

Before his father’s death, Dae Goo had asked Seung Won if Jae Chan could meet his father. He also attended Jae Chan’s last trial where he watched firsthand as Jae Chan fought for justice, while shaking in anger at the sight of Lee Yoo Beom (Lee Sang Yeob).

In the stills, Jae Chan looks pensive and lost in thought, while Dae Goo looks like he is still in shock over his father’s death. Dae Goo is dressed in traditional funeral wear and clutching his father’s urn.

This week, the case of the IV serial killer is reopened for reinvestigation. Seung Won handed his brother and letter and said, “This is the document of the IV serial killer and the person who committed suicide in jail.” The letter was signed by Myung Ee Suk and can be assumed that Seung Won got the letter from Dae Goo to give to Jae Chan.

A source from the drama said, “Please look forward to watching how Jae Chan and his co-investigators solve the case of the IV serial killer.”

“While You Were Sleeping” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10 p.m. KST. Watch the full first episode below!

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