Lee Sang Woo And Han Ye Seul Enjoy Sweet “Honeymoon” To Jeju Island For “20th Century Boy And Girl”

MBC’s “20th Century Boy and Girl” recently revealed stills from its upcoming November 7 episode featuring Lee Sang Woo and Han Ye Seul on a fake “honeymoon.”

Han Ye Seul, who plays top star Sa Jin Jin, and Lee Sang Woo, who plays a first-generation-idol-turned-actor named Anthony, are appearing as a virtual couple on a fictionalized version of “We Got Married” within the drama. As part of the show, they head off to Jeju Island to film a romantic honeymoon.

Although the two frolic in the flower fields, try their hand at fishing, and head to a cute cafe together, something happens at the cafe to shock and confuse Han Ye Seul’s character. Lee Sang Woo’s character immediately asks for a break from filming to have an emergency meeting about the unknown situation.

Huayi Brothers, the production company of “20th Century Boy and Girl,” stated, “The November 7 episode will feature the beautiful landscapes of Jeju Island. It will be both entertaining and healing to watch Sa Jin Jin and Anthony being happy together. About the love triangle between the two of them and Gong Ji Won, their true feelings will be revealed during the ‘We Got Married’ honeymoon trip. There might even be a plot twist for the lonely Gong Ji Won.”

Watch the latest episode of “20th Century Boy and Girl” below!

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