First Impressions: “Melo Holic” Delivers A Fast-Paced Rom-Com With A Touch Of Fantasy

An introduction

Originally a webtoon, “Melo Holic” is about a college student named Yoo Eun Ho (Yunho), who gains the special ability to read the minds of women through touch when he gets struck by a brick (ouch) and lightning (double ouch). He has a hard time trusting women because of this ability. Then he meets our heroine Han Ye Ri (Kyung Soo Jin), who is just as unique as him: she has two different personalities. Ensue the hijinks and the rom-com feels!

Spoilers ahead. Readers beware!

The story

It’s cringy, it’s cheesy, and I’m actually really liking it! So far, it’s been light-hearted fun, but there are also hints of a heavier story: a murder mystery. This drama gives me a sort of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” vibe, where everything starts out all nice and cute, but suddenly takes a sharp turn into murder territory. It’s making me question what this murder mystery plot has to do with the set-up of the drama as a whole. Is it just to give the drama that extra kick? Are Eun Ho’s powers linked to the murders? If so, how? After all, the first of the murders happened on the same night he gained his mind-reading power, so there has to be a connection there.

All we know at this point is that the person (most likely a woman, since Eun Ho was able to read her mind, and he can only read the minds of women) who struck Eun Ho with the brick is the murderer involved in the mystery. No other details about him/her yet, but I’m sure it’ll all come in due time.

After Eun Ho gains the power to read minds, he goes back to his ex-girlfriend to win her over again, only to find out she had been cheating on him. Later that same night, he meets our heroine, Han Ye Ri, by chance, and they drink until they pass out.

Eun Ho then goes into the military, and comes out a completely new man. He has a 180-degree change in personality: from naive to suave, he is no longer interested in dating, having decided that it’s too hard to date women when he knows exactly what they’re thinking. Instead, he uses his abilities to help out other men who are in dire need of insight into the world of women. I thought this was definitely an interesting plot device, that he was using his powers not for himself but for other people (which I feel like is another “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” parallel). It also makes sense, given that he was really cruelly dumped by his former girlfriend. I certainly wouldn’t want to rush into a relationship after that.

Given all that, the pacing of the drama is relatively quick: the leads were almost kissing by the end of the second episode! The two opened up to each other pretty fast, which is something I’m a little conflicted on. On one hand, it’s kind of weird to have them be so vulnerable with each other when there’s no chemistry established yet (it’s only the second episode!), but on the other hand, I also think this instant connection has much to do with the fact that they have something emotionally in common: a past hurt by a former lover. There’s nothing quite like a painful memory to help bond you and a future love interest.

The characters

Going into this drama, I was a bit worried about Yunho’s acting. As much as I love Jung Yunho, even I have to admit he’s more of an idol than an actor. Would he be able to carry this drama? He is the main lead after all.

But so far, I am surprisingly loving Yunho’s portrayal of Yoo Eun Ho. As mentioned previously, after gaining these abilities and doing his duty in the military, Eun Ho comes out a completely new man. Gone is the dorky and naive Eunho, and in its place is confident ladies’ man Eun Ho. The only thing similar about the two different personas was that both personalities made me cringe and laugh out loud. But despite this suave, new Eun Ho, it’s clear that he’s just wearing this new self like a mask. When that mask slips, like at the end of Episode 2 when he finds out why Han Ye Ri is so guarded, we see that vulnerable kid peek through. I am definitely looking forward to seeing how Han Ye Ri brings out that old kid again, dorkiness and all, because one can never have enough silly Yunho.

Our main heroine, Han Ye Ri (played by Kyung Soo Jin), is a spunky girl who happens to have two personalities. Eun Ho and Ye Ri met years ago the night Eun Ho broke up with his girlfriend, but while she remembers him, he doesn’t remember her. I love how she really does seem like two completely different people, one as the no-nonsense, go-getter and the other as her flirtatious alter-ego. It’s clear that she too has been hurt by someone in her past, and I’m definitely anticipating how the two leads will come to terms with past hurts to embrace new love.

It’s too early to pass any solid judgment on the chemistry between the two, but I am looking forward to all the different hijinks that are bound to happen between a guy who can read minds and a girl who is two different people. Eun Ho’s glow-up from dorky to player is definitely an interesting character parallel to Han Ye Ri. While Ye Ri actually has two distinct personalities, Eun Ho is just one person behind a mask. I’m super excited to see how this will be further developed as the drama continues on.

Final thoughts

Cautiously optimistic? The first few episodes were really just setting up and introducing characters, so it’s hard to get a good feel for the direction of the drama. So far, it’s just been standard rom-com stuff with a dash of fantasy and slightly-faster-than-normal pacing. The subtle nuances and moments of vulnerability that we’ve already begun to just touch upon in this drama is hopefully a great indicator of what’s to come next chemistry-wise for this couple! Onwards to Episode 3!

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