3 Reasons Why You’ll Get Addicted To “Melo Holic”

OCN fantasy drama “Melo Holic” has been gaining a lot of attention despite only having aired a few episodes. The drama has especially been praised for Yunho’s diverse acting. Here are three things that make “Melo Holic” so addicting!

1. Special Powers

Although in the beginning, he was an innocent guy who got cheated on by his girlfriend for not being able to understand her, Yoo Eun Ho (played by Yunho) soon gains the power to be able to read women’s minds. With his power, he is able to have every woman he meets in the palm of his hand. His close friend and psychology professor Kim Joo Seung (played by Choi Dae Chul) states, “Your hands are a national treasure. A fruit of the evolution of humanity.”

However, the minds of women weren’t as romantic as he thought. The more he touched them, the more tired of their minds he got. Eun Ho even ended up rejecting a celebrity, and slowly becomes someone who doesn’t date. Viewers have especially praised the CGI (computer-generated imagery) involved, as it aids in immersing the viewers when he touches women, showing flashes of their memories.

2. Hectic Romance

The two don’t date others. For Eun Ho, it’s because of his ability to read women’s minds. For Han Ye Ri (played by Kyung Soo Jin), it’s because of her dual personality. As they get to know each other, Yoo Eun Ho falls for the unpredictable girl who has no pretenses, and refuses to let anyone in. Viewers are also curious about Ye Ri’s past, and the flashback of the cliff by the ocean that Eun Ho saw as he brushed by her.

Ye Ri’s straightforward personality is a refreshing departure from the typical crazy or cutesy character. She’s innocent, yet aggressive and rebellious. Ultimately, Kyung Soo Jin is able to pull off the diverse character well.

3. Mystery

The very first episode of the drama has shown viewers that a mysterious crime has taken place. The victim of this crime is Eun Ho. After he is attacked, before he loses consciousness, he grabs the criminal’s ankle and is able to read their mind. As his ability only works on women, this gives us a big hint that the criminal may in fact actually be a woman.

We are also able to deduce that the criminal is a serial killer targeting women as we see the criminal’s wall of various women’s faces, as the screen fills with the words, “I’ll kill them all.” This scene, along with the clue we get from Yunho being able to read the criminal’s mind, has only heightened the mystery surrounding the drama.

Director Kim Dong Hee stated, “Adding in the superpower and dual personality has added a freshness to the drama. As Yoo Eun Ho and Han Ye Ri help each other with their issues, their romance will sad at times and empathizing in others.”

“Melo Holic” airs on OCN every Monday and Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. KST.

If you haven’t already, watch the first episode below!

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