WATCH: Park Eun Bin Transforms Into A Judge In First Teaser And Stills For Upcoming Drama

The first teasers for “Judge vs. Judge” have been released!

“Judge vs. Judge” is an upcoming SBS drama starring Yeon Woo Jin and Park Eun Bin as judges with completely opposite personalities.

The images show Park Eun Bin completely focused on her job with a charisma-filled gaze. Playing a character with a specialized job for the first time, she has been studying hard to make a perfect transformation into a judge. 

The first teaser shows Park Eun Bin in front of the camera. She begins, “Hello, this is judge Lee Jung Joo. In this era of chaos that is filled with courtroom dramas, I would like to say a word.”

Her facial expression then completely shifts as she yells about all the popular prosecutor and lawyer dramas that exist.

She rants on about all the different prosecutor and lawyer stories until she calms down into a smile and comments, “Anyway, the core people that wrap up the incidents are us judges.”

The kid sitting next to her agrees, but when she asks what he would like to be when he grows up, he bluntly replies, “A prosecutor.”

Check out the comical teaser clip below!