Girl’s Day’s Minah Talks About Future Plans For The Group, Friendship With Noh Tae Hyun, And More

Girl’s Day’s Minah recently sat down for an interview during her photo shoot with bnt magazine after releasing her solo track “11 Degrees” on November 3.

According to Minah, she had been incredibly busy before releasing the album. She was devoted to making her solo album, checking every little detail herself. “11 Degrees” is the first song Minah wrote which was completed naturally as she was talking to songwriter Woogi about love and breakups. “It was fun and satisfying because it felt like an opportunity to try different things as a singer,” Minah added. She was especially fond of the track and she even filmed the music video at her own house.

When asked about her usually fancy stage performance, Minah replied that there will be no special performance onstage. She had no plans to appear on music shows with the new track and planned to go on more radio shows instead.

Minah is not only known for her stage performance, but for her vocals as well. Upon getting complimented on her vocal skills, she answered, “Thank you for the compliment, but more often than not, I’m embarrassed. I tried having big ambitions because I wanted to be better, but then I thought what’s right is to sound like myself. So that’s what I’m focusing on.”

Minah has also been working as an actress, starring in “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim” with Namgoong Min. Although she said she was waiting for another role in a drama, she hinted, “There are no specifics confirmed, but the work that’s I’m in talks for right now is planned for the beginning of the next year.”

The role Minah revealed that she would like to try playing was surprisingly a girl dressed as a boy. “I want to cut my hair short and play the role of a girl acting like a guy,” she said. “If I shape my image according to the character like Go Eun Chan in ‘Coffee Prince,’ I think I’ll do a good job.”

The singer shared her ideal type as well. “A man who is considerate so he can look past my unfeminine personality and who’s sometimes like a schoolkid,” she described. She added that it’s becoming harder to describe her ideal type as time goes by.

When asking about going on social media, Minah replied, “I use social media a lot because it allows me to communicate with my fans, but these days, I post things for my own liking in most cases.” She added honestly, “I’m not the type to intentionally pay attention to social media, but I don’t want to conclusively say that I don’t pay any attention to it at all.”

Minah chose WANNA.B’s Lina and JBJ’s Noh Tae Hyun as her closest celebrity relationships. While Lina is her real sister, Noh Tae Hyun has been her friend since she was 20. “He’s a very good dancer, so we became closer while talking about dancing,” she explained. “I feel happy that Noh Tae Hyun is receiving a great result recently. It was both satisfying and embarrassing to see my close friend receiving love from so many fans.”

The topic of Girl’s Day’s comeback as a group also came up. Regarding this issue, Minah answered, “I think it’ll be difficult for now. The members are busy with their individual schedules, so we’ll work on the right time, watching how things go.” The busy schedules have made it hard for them to get together, she revealed. “I think a lot about our time as Girl’s Day. That was definitely a fun time with all the rowdiness.”

Minah plans to meet fans through dramas and albums in the future. “Even if there are no special activities, I plan to communicate with my fans consistently with my own music,” she said. “I’m worried that it might fall short of my fans’ expectations. As much as they trusted me and waited for me, I want to repay them with good music.”

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