Small Male Idols Who Wow Us With Their Great Vocals

We all know there are a lot of powerful voices in K-pop, including those who are physically small but have big, incredible voices! Here’s a list of small male idols who have amazing vocals!

BIGBANG’s Taeyang

Taeyang stands at a petite 173 centimeters (approximately 5 feet, 8 inches); however, this does not stop him from being able to captivate an audience with his voice. Taeyang’s impressive voice has enabled him to release three full length studio albums and nine singles. His second studio album, “Rise,” holds the record of the highest-charting album in the Billboard 200 among solo K-pop artists, with the lead single “Eyes, Nose, Lips” becoming the second best-performing single of 2014 in South Korea.

Check out Taeyang’s soulful voice with the song “Darling” from his new album “White Night”:

Super Junior’s Ryeowook

ELFs love Ryeowook, who is an adorable 173 centimeters (approximately 5 feet, 8 inches)! Although he is on the shorter side, Ryeowook has one of the most angelic voices in all of K-pop, captivating ears and hearts all over the world. His appropriately named solo album and lead single “The Little Prince” was released in 2016 and became an instant hit!

Listen to Ryeowook sing “The Little Prince”:

BTS’s Jimin

BTS’s Jimin is small and cute at 173.6 centimeters (approximately 5 feet, 8 inches), and the members always like to tease him about it!

Despite being small, his velvety smooth voice is enough to charm fans of all ages and nationalities!

Watch a compilation of Jimin singing here:

SHINee’s Jonghyun

Jonghyun, the smallest SHINee member, standing at 171 centimeters (approximately 5 feet, 7 inches), is well loved by Shawols and is known for his outstanding voice and song-writing ability, appearing in many OSTs for dramas including “Who Are You: School 2015” and “Oh My Venus.” Additionally, Jonghyun has released four solo albums and seven singles, and has written over 60 songs, including SHINee’s “View,” EXO’s “Playboy,” and Taemin’s “Pretty Boy.”

Jonghyun is also famous for being able to hold notes for a ridiculous amount of time:

Check out an iconic Jonghyun performance from SHINee world IV:

Highlight’s Yang Yoseob

The Highlight member Yang Yoseob stands at a cute 170 centimeters (approximately 5 feet, 7 inches) and boasts an impressive discography. As well as being the main vocalist of Highlight, Yoseob has also written many amazing songs for the group! Additionally, he has participated in original soundtracks including “All My Love” and “My Princess.”

Check out Yoseob’s heavenly vocals here:


SEVENTEEN’s Woozi stands at a petite height of 164 centimeters (approximately 5 feet, 5 inches), but that doesn’t change the fact he’s one of the cutest singers around. Woozi takes his talents to the next level with impressive vocals and the ability to sing in multiple languages, enchanting the hearts of all Carats!

Listen to Woozi sing “I’m Yours” in English:

EXO’s D.O.

D.O. is one of EXO’s main vocalists and is also one of the shortest EXO members at 173 centimeters (approximately 5 feet, 8 inches)! D.O. began singing regularly in high school, winning local singing contests. He has continued to impress fans with his amazing vocals, featuring on many original soundtracks including “My Annoying Brother” and collaborating with girl group f(x).

Check out D.O.’s soulful performance of “Crying Out” from the movie “Cart”:

iKON’s Jinhwan

Standing at 165 centimeters (approximately 5 feet, 5 inches), Jinhwan is a prime example that you don’t have to be large to make a big impact. Jinhwan has been impressing fans with his charming vocal ability since even before debut on the reality show “WIN: Who Is Next.” iKON has gone on to sell over 330,000 physical albums and 5.6 million digital records, a massive achievement! Jinhwan further shows off his vocal ability by being able to sing in multiple languages, including Japanese, English, and Chinese!

Check out Jinhwan’s sweet version of “There Goes My Baby” here:

BTOB’s Eunkwang

BTOB’s Eunkwang is around 173 centimeters tall (approximately 5 feet, 8 inches). He’s the shortest and oldest member of BTOB, as well as the main vocalist. His breathtaking vocals attract fans from all over the world and have led to him being a contestant on several singing variety shows, including “King of Masked Singer” and “Duet Song Festival.”

Check out some of Eunkwang’s legendary high notes here:

Wanna One’s Ha Sung Woon

Ha Sung Woon only recently debuted in August 2017 as member of Wanna One. At 167 centimeters (approximately 5 feet, 6 inches), Ha Sung Woon was invited (alongside Taeyang) to join “Infinite Challenge” for their “Tiny Party.” He’s already well known for his brilliant singing, too!

Check out Ha Sung Woon’s singing here:

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