Watch: Lee Jong Suk And Suzy Bravely Face The Fire In New Making Film For “While You Were Sleeping”

In newly released footage from “While You Were Sleeping,” Suzy and Lee Jong Suk literally heat up the screen with their fire scene!

The behind-the-scenes clip from the SBS drama shows the two stars filming on set with a real fire, with Lee Jong Suk jokingly worrying, “It seems like our hair will catch on fire!” Despite being surprised at the intensity of the flames, both actors are impressively professional as they wrap up the scene, managing to stay in character even as they start coughing from the smoke.

Once the camera stops rolling, however, the two are back to their playful selves, teasing each other and laughing at their soot-covered faces in the mirror.

Watch the cute clip below!

To see more of Suzy and Lee Jong Suk’s adorable chemistry, check out the first episode of “While You Were Sleeping!”

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