Fans Want Kangin Out Of Super Junior + Trend Hashtag

Following morning reports about Super Junior’s Kangin getting arrested and subsequently released for alleged assault, fans have expressed their desire for Kangin to leave Super Junior officially.

Initial reports stated that police responded after receiving a call that Kangin was drunk and assaulting his girlfriend. However, SJ Label later released an official statement saying Kangin got into an argument with a friend he was drinking with and that a misunderstanding led to the police being called.

Requests to have Kangin officially leave Super Junior have been pouring in on Super Junior’s fan cafe and the group’s DC Inside gallery. Fans have left comments saying, “Stop disgracing Super Junior’s name,” “I do not acknowledge nor do I support Kangin as a SuJu member,” “The answer is for him to leave himself,” “If Kangin doesn’t leave himself let’s start a signed petition to forcibly remove him,” and more.

These sentiments are shared outside of Korea as well. Fans supporting the departure of Kangin from Super Junior have been using the hashtag #KanginOut with the hashtag trending earlier.

What are your thoughts on this?

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