Yeon Woo Jin And Dong Ha Go Head To Head As Judge And Prosecutor In “Judge Vs. Judge” Stills

In the upcoming SBS drama “Judge vs. Judge,” actors Yeon Woo Jin and Dong Ha have transformed into a judge and prosecutor respectively.

In the newest stills, it is evident there is tension between the two characters. Do Han Joon (played by Dong Ha) and Sa Eui Hyun (played by Yeon Woo Jin) are in the middle of talking in Sa Eui Hyun’s office. When they make eye contact, Sa Eui Hyun stares at Do Ha Joon with an impassive expression while the latter glares back at him with sharp eyes.

This scene was recently filmed at SBS’s Ilsan Production Center. The two actors, who are usually cheerful and happy on set, got rid of their smiles in order to immerse themselves in the serious atmosphere. As soon as the director called “cue,” they focused on their respective roles and acted out the scene perfectly with lightning speed.

The production staff stated, “Yeon Woo Jin and Dong Ha will show completely different charms from each other and guide the drama with impact. There’s no doubt the enthusiastic performances of Sa Eui Hyun and Do Ha Joon, with their expressions and gestures, will hook the viewers.”

“Judge vs. Judge” revolves mainly around Park Eun Bin, a passionate judge who is looking to solve her brother’s murder, and Yeon Woo Jin, an elite judge who seeks to make fair judgments despite his privileged background and connections to the wealthy and powerful.

The drama will premiere on November 22 at 10 p.m. KST.

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