November Brand Reputation Rankings For Individual Girl Group Members Revealed

The Korean Business Research Institute announced this month’s rankings for brand reputation among individual girl group members based on a thorough analysis of media coverage, interaction, and community indexes for 64,265,864 pieces of big data on 283 girl group members from October 16 to November 17. The volume of big data consulted was a 21.62 percent increase from last month’s 52,842,180.

Red Velvet’s leader Irene took first place for November with a media coverage score of 852,808, an interaction score of 188,138, and a community score of 1,319,322 for a total brand reputation score of 2,360,268. This was a 32.11 percent increase from her October brand reputation score of 1,786,564.

“Fancy,” “pretty,” and “thank you” were the terms ranked high for Irene’s link analysis, while “Red Velvet,” “pictorial,” and “Peek-a-Boo” ranked high for her keyword analysis. Additionally, the positive-negative sentiment analysis revealed Irene scored 73.54 percent positive.

In second place was Irene’s SM Entertainment labelmate and senior, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA. YoonA had a media coverage score of 618,937, an interaction score of 111,722, and a community score of 1,580,665 for a total brand reputation score of 2,311,324, which was a 55.86 percent increase from her October score.

Finally, TWICE’s Jeongyeon was closely behind in third place. Jeongyeon scored 790,686, 229,000, and 1,075,754 in media coverage, interaction, and community, respectively for a total brand reputation score of 2,095,440. She had an impressive 235.35 percent jump from her score last month.

The top 30 are listed below:

  1. Red Velvet’s Irene
  2. Girls’ Generation’s YoonA
  3. TWICE’s Jeongyeon
  4. TWICE’s Sana
  5. EXID’s Hani
  6. TWICE’s Nayeon
  7. TWICE’s Tzuyu
  8. TWICE’s Momo
  9. EXID’s Solji
  10. TWICE’s Dahyun
  11. TWICE’s Jihyo
  12. Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun
  13. TWICE’s Chaeyoung
  14. miss A’s Suzy
  15. TWICE’s Mina
  16. gugudan’s Kim Sejeong
  17. Red Velvet’s Seulgi
  18. DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon
  19. gugudan’s Hana
  20. EXID’s Junghwa
  21. GFRIEND’s SinB
  22. Apink’s Son Naeun
  23. Girl’s Day’s Minah
  24. Red Velvet’s Joy
  25. gugudan’s Kang Mina
  26. EXID’s LE
  27. GFRIEND’s Eunha
  28. AOA’s Jimin
  29. GFRIEND’s Yuju
  30. Red Velvet’s Yeri

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