Watch: Yunho And Kyung Soo Jin Goof Around In Behind-The-Scenes Video For First Kiss Scene In “Melo Holic”

Popular OCN drama “Melo Holic” released a behind-the-scenes video of the first kiss scene between Yunho and Kyung Soo Jin. “Melo Holic” is a fantasy-romance drama about a man who has the ability to read women’s minds through touch and a woman with a split-personality.

The video begins by showing the two playing with a claw machine. They take turns, and Kyung Soo Jin continuously wins stuffed animals one after the other, while Yunho fails multiple times. He is amazed, but it is revealed later that the machine is rigged for the purposes of the shoot.

Kyung Soo Jin narrates, “Hello everyone, you can see the true master of claw machines.” She wins another doll and continues to tease Yunho as she says, “One shot, one kill! It’s really not that hard.”

Yunho and Kyung Soo Jin continue to be immersed in playing with the claw machine. Yunho fails a few more times and asks, “This isn’t a hidden camera prank, is it?”

Kyung Soo Jin addresses the camera and comments, “It’s really not that hard everyone. You just use the claw and lightly tap the button. A light tap, as if you’re uninterested.” Yunho butts in and protests, “This really makes no sense. I’m really shocked.” Kyung Soo Jin then jokes, “It’s because he’s still not uninterested. He has to not care.”

They then proceed to film their scene. Yunho grabs Kyung Soo Jin by the hand and takes her to the claw machine. He flaunts his claw machine skills as he even is able to win two dolls in one turn.

In their next scene, Kyung Soo Jin is clutching multiple stuffed dolls, while Yunho gently kisses her on the cheek. Afterwards, Kyung Soo Jin exclaims, “He crouched down for me! He said I was too short,” and they laugh.

After Kyung Soo Jin in turn pecks Yunho on the lips, he pulls her into a more intense kiss, after which the two appear shy and embarrassed.

Watch the full video below!

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