Yunho And Kyung Soo Jin Feel Amusement Park Date Thrills In “Melo Holic”

On November 20, OCN drama “Melo Holic” released stills of Yunho and Kyung Soo Jin’s amusement park date.

“Melo Holic” is a fantasy-romance drama about Yoo Eun Ho (played by Yunho), a man with the ability to read women’s minds through touch, and Han Ye Ri (played by Kyung Soo Jin), who has a split-personality.

In the first still revealed, Yunho and Kyung Soo Jin have a romantic time riding the merry-go-round. Yunho gazes lovingly at Kyung Soo Jin, who smiles at him sweetly.

In the second still, the romantic mood has completely disappeared, as the two ride the Viking. The two are complete opposites as he is pale with shock and looks frightened while she appears to be having a great time, screaming with delight with both hands up in the air. With her red lipstick and hair flying in the air, many are wondering if in the still she is Han Joo Ri or Han Ye Ri.

In the third still, the couple takes on the Gyro Drop. Again, the couple is feeling completely different emotions. Yunho, who hates amusement park rides, has his eyes shut and appears to be contemplating why in the world he is on the ride. Kyung Soo Jin on the other hand, appears happy and carefree.

It was also revealed that the character of Han Joo Wan‘s character, the bookstore owner, will be making an appearance, adding new twists to the story line.

Director Kim Dong Hee stated, “Han Joo Ri will make Yoo Eun Ho confused with her unpredictable words and actions. Because of his injury, Yoo Eun Ho is temporarily unable to use his super power. He will use his past experiences to take part in an ordinary relationship.”

“Melo Holic” airs every Monday and Tuesday on OCN at 9:00 p.m. KST.

If you haven’t already, watch the first episode below!

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