2PM’s Nichkhun Talks About A Change In His Perspective And The Best Part Of His Job

2PM’s Nichkhun participated in a pictorial and interview for the fashion magazine Arena Homme Plus, where he spoke about his age, personality, and job.

Nichkhun is now in his 10th year as a celebrity and is entering his 30s. He talked about having a change in perspective and said, “[When I was in my] 20s, I felt scared about the days in front of me, but now I think I can face them with a happy mind. Before, I approached things without knowing, but now that I have some experience and am somewhat of a veteran, I think it’s worth it to try [new things].”

He added, “Like the saying ‘the more you know, the less you know,’ I think it’s good that there’s a lot left to learn.”

The 2PM member also revealed that he let go of his perfectionist tendencies. “If you expect something every time, then you have to be disappointed every time. I let that go and changed my mind to think: if I consistently try hard, then someday it will work out. If I naturally enjoy it, then a good opportunity will come my way.”

To conclude the interview, Nichkhun commented, “I started this job coincidentally, but I think I was born to do this job. Often, I feel really happy when I see people smiling at me at fanmeetings or concerts.”

Nichkhun will kick off his Asia fan meeting tour titled, “NICHKHUN (of 2PM) 1st Asia Fanmeeting Tour” starting with Tokyo on November 29 and Seoul on December 3. All tickets for the five fanmeetings of the tour are sold out, and he is looking forward to hosting fanmeetings in Thailand and China in 2018.

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