9 Epic Collaborations From Tablo That Left Us Mesmerized

Daniel Armand Lee, also known as Tablo, is one of the earliest and absolute best Korean hip hop artists in the music industry. As an author, a lyrical genius, and a mentor, not only does he always have an epic story to tell, but he also grants his artistic touch when working with other talented artists and idols.

Be it as a featured artist or lead artist, here are nine of Tablo’s momentous collaborations that you should definitely check out, if you haven’t already!

1. Tablo X Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul – “Airbag”

Naul’s vocals beautifully complement Tablo’s flawless flow, creating a soulful song which serves as therapy for anyone feeling lost and lonely, especially during rainy cold days.

2. Tablo X BIGBANG’s Taeyang – “Eyes, Nose, Lips”

This is not the only collaboration between Tablo and Youngbae, but it happens to be powerfully received to this day. Sometimes, it takes time for broken hearts to heal, and the cover song below expresses it wholeheartedly.

3. Tablo X Nell’s Kim Jong Wan – “Amor Fati”

Tablo and Kim Jong Wan’s joint work is the definition of a masterpiece. The song “Amor Fati” is all about embracing one’s fate despite the hardships that may be faced along the way.

4. JYJ’s Kim Junsu X Tablo – “Flower”

On a melancholic day, this delicate song is bound to soothe one’s feelings. Junsu and Tablo are the perfect combination to lend a helping hand while delivering these heartfelt emotions.

5. Tablo X Joey Bada$$ – “Hood”

In this one of a kind collaboration, both rappers delivered profound verses about where they came from, and they vividly conveyed the good and bad that illustrated the core of their hometowns.

 6. Lee Hi X Tablo – “Up All Night”

Every work that merges with Lee Hi’s golden vocal cords is guaranteed to give you musical chills. In these genuine lyrics, both her and Tablo speak about losing sleep over a crush that may eventually lead to a potential love story.

7. Gallant X Tablo X Eric Nam – “Cave Me In”

This epic three-way collaboration was the talk of the year. American singer-songwriter Gallant plus Eric Nam and Tablo serenaded us with a poetic love confession, and made us fall head-over-heels for their mesmerizing performance.

8. Code Kunst X G.Soul X Tablo – “Fire Water”

For the title track of his latest album, Code Kunst teamed up with G.Soul and Tablo to create just the right amount of chill vibes to feel levitated.

9. OFFONOFF X Tablo X Miso – “Cigarette”

The way this song came to life is absolutely outstanding. OFFONOFF & Miso’s voices are exactly what this song needed to pop. Moreover, Tablo’s English verses are LIT: it’s like you can literally feel the cigarette ignite through the lyrics.

Bonus: Epik High X Nell’s Kim Jong Wan – “Lost One”

This magnificent duo, who once promoted under the name Borderline, has gathered again and gifted us with a fervent set of lines in order to help us hold onto our dreams while overcoming the hurdle of being lost.

Which collaboration from Tablo do you like the best? Did we miss any others? Let us know in the comments below! 

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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