“Judge Vs. Judge” And “Mad Dog” Locked In Tight Ratings Battle In Time Slots And Age Groups

SBS’s new drama “Judge vs. Judge” and “Mad Dog” are in a fierce competition over viewership ratings!

According to TNMS Media Data, “Judge vs. Judge” just barely edged out “Mad Dog” on its premiere date of November 22 with 7.3 percent versus 7.2 percent. However, on November 23, “Mad Dog” took over the No. 1 spot on its time slot with 8.0 percent to “Judge vs. Judge’s” 7.5 and 7.2 percent (Episode 3 and 4 respectively).

Interestingly, the ratings break down by age group as well, with “Judge vs. Judge” being more popular among viewers in their 40s while “Mad Dog” won over viewers in their 50s. A possible reason behind this is the cast, with different actors appealing to different age sets. Both dramas center around the theme of “crime,” though “Mad Dog” features an insurance fraud investigative team while “Judge vs. Judge” is about the judges at the top of the legal system.

You can watch the latest episodes of both dramas below!

“Judge vs. Judge”:

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“Mad Dog”:

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