Hangzoo Reveals How Much He Actually Won On “Show Me The Money 6”

“Show Me The Money 6” winner Hangzoo shared the truth behind the prize money from the show.

Gummy, Ailee, Rhythm Power, and Bolbbalgan4 guested on the January 4 episode of KBS2’s “Happy Together.”

In the episode, Rhythm Power’s Hangzoo touched on his “Show Me the Money 6” win, saying, “I received 100 million won [approximately $94,000] in prize money and a sports car. I’m constantly tuning [my car].”

However, Hangzoo also revealed how the prize money is actually distributed. He said, “It says the winner will receive 100 million won in prize money but it’s actually split a lot. The total prize money is 100 million won. The winner has to give the other rappers money from the 100 million won, and keep the remainder. I said I earned 100 million won because I wanted to look cool, but I actually received about 20 to 30 million won [approximately $18,800 to $28,200].”

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