Ji Suk Jin Weighs In On The Possibility Of Romance Between Lee Kwang Soo And Jun So Min

Ji Suk Jin shared his thoughts on the possibility of his fellow “Running Man” members Lee Kwang Soo and Jun So Min dating.

On the January 4 broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “2 O’Clock Date It’s Ji Suk Jin,” Ji Suk Jin received a question that asked if he could really bet his entire fortune that Lee Kwang Soo and Jun So Min aren’t dating.

On a recent “Running Man” episode, Ji Suk Jin had commented on the dating rumor between Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo by saying he would give his entire fortune to the two members if they were actually dating.

Ji Suk Jin jokingly responded to the question about Lee Kwang Soo and Jun So Min. He said, “Why are you all acting like this about my fortune that’s not even a lot? I am someone with a family. I am not interested in who’s dating or not dating. My interest is only me. I only care about myself. I will bet not only my entire fortune, but also the radio’s producing director’s fortune that Jun So Min and Lee Kwang Soo are not a couple. They are not dating.”

Lee Kwang Soo and Jun So Min have been showing great chemistry through their antics on “Running Man” and recently won the Best Couple Award at the 2017 SBS Entertainment Awards on December 30.

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