Lee Kwang Soo Finds Out His Dating Compatibility With Jun So Min On “Running Man”

On the January 7 episode of SBS variety show “Running Man,” the members met with a fortune teller to find out their luck for the new year.

They met with Park Sung Joon, who was quite familiar with the members as he has told their fortune at the start of every new year.

About Lee Kwang Soo, the fortune teller hilariously commented, “He’s got an entrance but no exit. He’s got a lot of thoughts and his mind is complicated. But he’s unable to express these things well, which makes him frustrated. When these feelings meet loneliness, he has a bit of perverted tendency.”

As soon as the words “perverted tendency” came out of the fortune teller’s mouth, Lee Kwang Soo was shocked and said in a very high-pitched voice, “You’re being a bit extreme! I’m not a pervert!” The fortune teller countered with, “You’re not a complete pervert. It’s because the physical composition of your face isn’t the typical face of a pervert. Because your face is normal, I can say that you are less of a pervert,” making Lee Kwang Soo even more flustered.

The fortune teller then made him very happy by stating, “2018 will be your brightest year yet,” but then made him very flustered again by explaining, “This will be your brightest year ever, the last year of struggling, the year you use up all of your sparks, definitely your brightest year yet.”

Park Sung Hoon then brought up the topic of women, and expressed that fellow castmate Jun So Min was good for his luck. He explained, “Among all the members here, only one can give you affection and warmth, and it’s Jun So Min. The two have similarities, and Jun So Min has a lot of affection and is warm. If the two date, they would have good compatibility.”

Lee Kwang Soo and Jun So Min previously won the Best Couple Award at the 2017 SBS Entertainment Awards. After hearing the fortune teller’s words, the other members began to try to persuade the two that they should date. However, the fortune teller also revealed, “If they date, only Lee Kwang Soo will benefit. Unfortunately for Jun So Min, she’ll have to take care of him like a kid and keep helping him.”

He continued, “Lee Kwang Soo is lacking a little in his dating life. The best thing is that from this year until the next 10 years, he could meet a woman, maybe even one to marry.” On Lee Kwang Soo’s marriage luck, the members teased him and commented, “It’s time. Song Joong Ki got married, and he likes to follow Joong Ki.”

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