QUIZ: Can You Guess The INFINITE MV From A Single Screenshot?

After a looong hiatus, INFINITE has finally made their comeback with their 3rd full length album “Top Seed”! Even though they are down a member, this doesn’t stop the six-member group from delivering their usual catchy songs and heart-thumping dance moves.

And since we already know just how much we love INFINITE, put your knowledge to the test and take the little quiz below, and prove to everyone just how much of an INSPIRIT you really are!

Also check out their title track “Tell Me” below:

How did you do on the quiz? And which era do you dig the most? Drop your comments below and let us know!

Belinda_C personally finds their “Bad” era the most visually appealing. Also, she’ll need a day off after their “Weekly Idol” appearance to recuperate from laughing too much. She already knows it’ll be thaaat awesome. And Shinhwa.