What To Look Out For In Final Episodes Of “Judge Vs. Judge”

As the SBS drama “Judge vs. Judge” wraps up its run on January 11, here are some things to keep an eye on as the story draws to a close.


The Fate of the Culprits

In the shocking final scene in Episode 28, the defendant Yoo Myung Hee (Kim Hae Sook) suddenly gave herself her own death sentence and attempted to end her own life after her final testimony in the courtroom.

Yoo Myung Hee was on trial for the murder of Kim Ga Young, which Lee Jung Joo’s (Park Eun Bin) brother had been wrongly arrested for. Yoo Myung Hee’s identity as the culprit shocked many, who had believed that Do Jin Myung (Lee Deok Hwa) was the true perpetrator. However, it turned out that Yoo Myung Hee had witnessed all the terrible things Do Jin Myung, who is her husband, had done and decided to kill Kim Ga Young to protect everything she had built up over the years.

In the final episodes, viewers will finally be able to learn the fate not only of Yoo Myung Hee, but also of Do Jin Myung, who witnessed his wife’s attempted suicide in court, and how he will react.


Thrilling legal cases aren’t the only focus of “Judge vs. Judge,” and many viewers are anticipating how Park Eun Bin and Yeon Woo Jin’s budding romance will finally blossom. Although their fates seem to have been intertwined from an early age, and although they got closer while working on the case of Kim Ga Young, it remains to be seen whether they will actually get together by the end of the drama.

However, the drama recently released some very romantic stills of the two of them in the upcoming episode, hinting at hope for those who ship the standoffish but warmhearted Sa Eui Hyun and the passionate and reckless Lee Jung Joo.

Do Han Joon’s Choice

Do Han Joon (Dong Ha) suffered throughout this drama not only as his father was suspected but even more when the culprit turned out to be his beloved mother. When he learned that the only reason that his mother married his father was because she was pregnant with him and that his maternal grandmother had received a death sentence, he fell into a panic and also suffered because he was no longer able to approach the woman he loved, Lee Jung Joo.

Now that he has lost everything he loved, viewers both anticipate and fear what choices Do Han Joon will make in the final episodes of the drama.

“Judge vs. Judge” has 4 episodes left in its run before it ends on January 11. Check out the latest episode of “Judge vs. Judge” on Viki below!

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