The Sweetest OTP Moments From The C-Drama

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the latest drama trends, then you’ve probably heard of “A Love So Beautiful,” the immensely popular C-drama that aired during the end of 2017, sweeping billions of viewers off their feet with innocence and sweetness.

“A Love So Beautiful” is reminiscent of the Taiwanese drama “It Started With a Kiss,” where the female lead is somewhat ditzy and naive, but always positively optimistic, whereas the male lead is super smart but cold. Considering the immense popularity of “It Started With a Kiss” and the number of times it’s been adapted and remade, this is certainly a formula that works. But “A Love So Beautiful” goes beyond that and creates characters that are more realistic and less annoying, while also piling on the sweetness.

This is a drama that follows a group of five friends from when they meet in high school to their early adulthood. The stories from the group as well as from their other school mates will definitely take viewers down memory lane, filling everyone with nostalgia while thinking of our own high school years filled with innocence, laughter, and silly incidents.

At the center of the group are Chen Xiao Xi (Shen Yue) and Jiang Chen (Hu Yi Tian), who are neighbors and have been in the same schools since forever. The moments between these two portray the adorable interactions of first loves – sometimes savage-y, sometimes awkward, but always so, so heart-thumpingly sweet!

And so here I give you, just a handful of the 101 moments from Jiang Chen and Xiao Xi that made us swoon, laugh, and grin like a Cheshire cat.

Their height difference

Let’s get this out of the way first. When the teasers first dropped, viewers were immediately attracted to their height difference. The difference is so great that it is just absolutely adorable!

When we find out it’s not so one-sided after all

Watching the first episode, viewers can’t help but think that this is a one-sided crush from Xiao Xi’s side. However, when the epilogue for that episode shows that Jiang Chen is just as interested in her, it puts everything in a new perspective.

When the class funds go missing

Jiang Chen astutely guesses that Xiao Xi has misplaced the class funds she had been collecting. They figure out that she left them in a workbook which had since then been handed in to the teacher. In order to get the funds back, Jiang Chen sweetly offers to do chores for the teachers, and manages to get it back before anyone notices.

When Xiao Xi takes part in Sports Day

Xiao Xi joins in the hurdle event so she can win a prize for Jiang Chen’s birthday. While Jiang Chen is reluctant to teach her how to hurdle at first, he eventually trains her when he figures what she’s up to. During all this, she also successfully coaxes him to wear an adorable hairband.

When Xiao Xi thinks she has the bird flu

This drama is actually set in the late 1990s to early 2000s, the time when the bird flu was becoming an epidemic and people were being wary. After showing signs of the flu, the school’s doctor has Xiao Xi quarantined, much to her despair. When Jiang Chen’s MP3 recording intended to comfort her is mistakenly handed to another quarantined student, he sneaks into the school’s broadcasting room to read the final pages of her favorite book to her, even if it meant getting himself into trouble.

When he worries about her safety

While the students are doing some spring cleaning in their classroom, Xiao Xi is appointed to clean the topmost windows. Worrying that she might fall, Jiang Chen shows his manly side by carrying her off the tables and teaching her how to clean those windows with the help of a broomstick instead.

When he gives her his scarf

It starts snowing, so Jiang Chen wraps his scarf around her neck, then pulls it over her face, because it just wouldn’t be Jiang Chen without being sweet and savage at the same time.

Xiao Xi also tries to knit a scarf for him, but ends up only knitting a….rope. (Which he actually keeps into adulthood. Awwww)

When Xiao Xi trips and falls over

After a series of events that causes Xiao Xi to be angry and disappointed with Jiang Chen, she tries to avoid him when crossing paths by bending down to tie the shoelaces of her…furry slippers. Realizing her silliness, Xiao Xi turns and runs but trips and falls instead. Jiang Chen runs to her and carries her off princess-style, then tends to her scrapes and wounds.

Every time Xiao Xi is unabashed

Xiao Xi is determined, confident, and absolutely unabashed when it comes to Jiang Chen, which is certainly one of the reasons I find her so endearing. I would be super embarrassed if things that happened to her happened to me (which is probably why she ends up with the tall, hunky guy).

For example, Xiao Xi whines for people to stop boarding the tightly packed bus where she is very much squished. However, she quickly changes her tune when she notices Jiang Chen standing behind her, and loudly welcomes more people to board, much to Jiang Chen’s amusement.

Another cute moment is when the two of them are enjoying the scenery at the riverbanks, and Xiao Xi sneezes due to the chilly air. Getting no reaction from Jiang Chen, she fakes a few more sneezes, then just outright asks for his jumper. He passes her his jumper, but then cheekily ties the arm pieces together.

Every time Jiang Chen is cheekily savage with Xiao Xi

Jiang Chen is like the Powerpuff Girls, made with both sugar and spice (and everything nice). He always has a sarcastic comeback for Xiao Xi’s advances, and even when it’s a seemingly romantic moment, he has a way to turn it into something, well, less romantic.

For example, when they’re at the bookstore:
Xiao Xi: “What book are you buying?”
Jiang Chen: “A book to study you with.”
Xiao Xi: (feeling elated) “Oh really?”
Camera pans to the book, and it’s titled “Abnormal Psychology”

Or when she sees Jiang Chen walking home with a newly bought light bulb:
lXiao Xi: “Did your light bulb burn out?”
Jiang Chen: “No, I just bought this to eat.”

When they’re just having a casual conversation:
Xiao Xi: “Why hasn’t it snowed this year? It’s always more romantic when it snows.”
Jiang Chen: “Yes, it’s especially romantic how you fall head first into the snow each time.”

After their first kiss (that they both remember)
Xiao Xi: “Why’d you kiss me just now? Is it because of this dress?”
Jiang Chen: “No, your legs look kind of stumpy.”
Xiao Xi: “Is it because of my perfume?”
Jiang Chen: “No, it smells like formaldehyde.”
Xiao Xi: “Then…”
Jiang Chen: (with a straight face) “I just wanted to feel the difference between the tissue on the lips and other skin tissue.”

Or when he “helps” Xiao Xi with a book that’s out of her reach and we think they’re having a moment, only for him to pull a “Jiang Chen” by putting it further up the bookshelf.

I don’t know whether to hug him or hit him.

When he plays with her hair

When Xiao Xi is still mad and hurt after seeing Jiang Chen with another girl, she unsuccessfully dodges him at the library, and has no choice but to sit beside him. Suddenly, Jiang Chen looks over and gently uses a pen to put her hair behind her ear. Realizing his affection towards her, all the ice melts, and after an honest conversation, all is right in the world again.

Every time Jiang Chen is jealous

As the episodes progress, Jiang Chen’s jealousy becomes more and more obvious. Like when he sees his rival, Bo Song, drinking from Xiao Xi’s bottle. Xiao Xi offers him a different bottled water, but instead he grabs hers, drinks from it too, and tosses it away suavely.

Or when he sees Bo Song putting his arm around Xiao Xi’s shoulders, Jiang Chen quickly tugs her away, telling her to watch out for incoming cars, even though they were standing on the sidewalk the whole time with no cars in sight.

When they go on their first date

On their first date, Jiang Chen asks her to keep him company for the night, which Xiao Xi misunderstands to mean something else. Feeling alarmed, Xiao Xi spits out her noodles, and she is soooo mortified that she immediately asks to break up, just out of embarrassment alone. But our boyfriend-of-the-year walks over to sit beside her, cuddles her, and tells her he didn’t see anything. Of course, he does tease her about the misunderstanding, but what else would we expect?

When he sells his car for her

When Jiang Chen finds out that Xiao Xi wants to publish her own manhua (comic books), he approaches a publisher who was once his patient. Unfortunately, the publishing studio feels that the risks of taking on a completely new artist are too great, and the only viable option is to have it funded by a third party. And so, Jiang Chen sells his car, and uses that as the upfront funds.

Two absolute hunks. Okay, the men (Bo Song and Jiang Chen) are pretty easy on the eyes too I guess 😉

When she asks him to smile

After a night out with her friends celebrating her publishing deal, Xiao Xi gets slightly tipsy and Jiang Chen piggy backs her home. On the way, Xiao Xi asks him to smile, just so she can poke his (adorable) dimples. He complies, and smiles affectionately at her.

When he proposes to her

At first, Jiang Chen cunningly tricks Xiao Xi into proposing to him while she’s still drunk. However, upon seeing her becoming upset, he proposes to her sincerely, complete with surgical gloves, an empty note (“why is the note empty?!” “so the balloon doesn’t fly up too fast”), and an engagement ring.

Honestly, there are just so many sweet moments between these two, and in fact, between all the characters, that this list could hardly do them justice. Simply put, this drama was definitely a highlight of my drama-watching for 2017. And if you’re one to enjoy something light and breezy, or an unconvoluted story of friendship, love and loyalty, then you should add this drama to your watch list right now!

Have you watched this drama? Did you love it as much as I did? Or will you be marathoning it soon? Let us know in the comments below!

Belinda_C can’t wait for the new “Meteor Garden” remake, starring Shen Yue as well! She also wants Shinhwa to be back on her screen asap.

All-time favorite drama: “Devil Beside You” (only one of many!)
Currently watching: “Hwayugi” and “Radio Romance
Looking forward to: “Children of a Lesser God”

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