Jin Se Yeon, Kim Sang Kyung, Uhm Ki Joon, And Joo Jin Mo Also Not Have Been Paid For Their Dramas

More actors have been revealed to not have received pay for their work.

Jin Se Yeon has yet to receive pay for her role in the 2014 KBS2 drama “Inspiring Generation,” which totals 140 million won (approximately $131,600).

Jin Se Yeon’s agency, Early Bird Entertainment, confirmed on January 17, “It has been 4 years since Jin Se Yeon hasn’t received pay for ‘Inspiring Generation.’ We have sent documents of proof, and have taken all measures we can as an agency. We don’t understand why the production side hasn’t given payment. It’s very frustrating.”

It has been revealed that most of the actors who appeared on “Inspiring Generation” are still unpaid for their roles in the drama, with the exception of the male lead Kim Hyun Joong.

Although the Korean Broadcasting Actors Union and the Korea Entertainment Management Association have gotten involved, there has been little progress on the issue.

Additionally, actors Kim Sang Kyung, Uhm Ki Joon, and Joo Jin Mo have also not received payment for their work.

A source from the Korea Entertainment Management Association shared on January 17, “We are aware Kim Sang Kyung is owed more than 100 million won (approximately $94,000) for his role on KBS2 drama ‘Secret Agent Miss Oh.’ Uhm Ki Joon has yet to receive 25 million won (approximately $23,500) for MBC’s ‘Hate to Lose,’ while Joo Jin Mo has not received 70 million won (approximately $65,800) for SBS’s ‘Queen of the Game.'”

Sources from both Kim Sang Kyung and Uhm Ki Joon’s agencies confirmed that the actors have not received their appearance fees for the dramas.

The four actors join a growing list of actors who are speaking out about not receiving payment for their work, which includes Kim Min Jung, Sung Yuri, Rain, Lee Na Young, Gong Seung Yeon, Jung Yoo Mi, Kim Woo Bin, and Ku Hye Sun.

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