Lee Jong Suk Picks A Drama Line He Thinks Would Be Perfect For Valentine’s Day

Actor Lee Jong Suk appeared in a pictorial for fashion magazine InStyle where he talked about honesty, happiness, and the phrase that he thinks is the most romantic.

In the photos, Lee Jong Suk gives off a pure and soft spring vibe while wearing various outfits from casual sweaters to formal suits.

In the interview after the photo shoot, Lee Jong Suk talked about having an honest attitude. He said, “I want to live as honestly and honorably as I can. I don’t think that’s going to be easy though, so I’m not sure. Honest words and actions can create misunderstandings from time to time, so I’m still thinking about it. When I ask someone what kind of person I am, I hope they can say I’m someone who is trustworthy and reliable.”

The actor revealed he was looking for ways to live happily. He shared, “There are moments when I let go while I’m having a hard time. Still, there are things I can’t give up… but I think I did become comfortable about things I’ve been tightly grasping onto. While I was filming today, I suddenly became very tired. I ate a piece of chocolate and wondered, ‘Is this what happiness is?'”

When asked to pick the sweetest words to hear on Valentine’s Day, Lee Jong Suk chose “What are you doing?” With a smile, he said, “In the drama ‘Degree of Love,’ they said ‘What are you doing?’ means ‘ I miss you.’ I thought it was a scene that makes your heart race and that makes you want to date.”

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