15 Moments That Made Us Stan These Male Solo Artists Even More

From producing to composing to mentoring to going on variety shows, these male solo artists do it all. They’ve got stories about families to share, scores on variety programs to maintain, and so much more! These male artists always find new ways to get our attention.

1. Zico

Zico has definitely made a name for himself and seems unshakable, but there is one thing that still gets to him and grinds his gears. It’s his big brother! All younger siblings probably relate to Zico on some level, and knowing this just makes us connect to him even more. While you love your older sibling, sometimes you just don’t understand why they are there in your life to rule over you.

2. Hwang Chi Yeol

He’s a ballad singer whose voice can be found calming and soothing to the ear. What has been even more exciting is that we had the chance to learn more about Hwang Chi Yeol and see a new side to him through his mentor role on “The Unit“! Check out this duet that happened on the show, complete with unintentionally matching shirts.

3. PSY


As a veteran in the industry, PSY truly has paved the way for many artists who came after to reach global popularity. We couldn’t help but stan him even more when he joined the popular trend of celebrities reading mean tweets and proved there isn’t anything stopping him.

4. G-Dragon

Where do we start with this one? The King of K-pop shook the world again by releasing a new solo album, baring his soul to the world, and of course, trying new things to engage fans, such as the clever idea of using a USB instead of a CD, a new and unique idea.

5. Zion.T

While Zion.T is known for being cool, composed, and putting out music that touches our souls, we can’t forget the moments when he shows his cute side. On “Lifebar,” he revealed to us that he is a huge fan of CL and shared how he wanted to get closer to her as a fanboy.

6. Crush

Crush is another singer who we see as a smooth criminal, but this man is a fool for his dog. We love his Instagram updates whenever we see him smitten with his pup. We’re patiently awaiting for some more dog posts since it’s been awhile!

7. Taeyang

Taeyang has grown immensely from his debut as an artist, and also as a man! He has gone from saying that he was scared of girls,

to singing about needing a girl,

to finally marrying the love his life! This is the kind of growth we love seeing!

8. Dean

Dean’s unique voice and incredibly handsome face has got us wondering if he was born from stars. Do you remember when the contestants of “Unpretty Rapstar” were shook to their core upon his surprise visit?

Although he is absolutely a super star, we got to see a more relatable and human side to him through his song “Instagram,” which talks about the feelings of looking at other people’s Instagram posts and how that can influence our perceptions of self.

9. K.Will

K.Will’s rich voice reaches listeners’ ears through many different avenues such as singles and OSTs. However, it’s his live performances that truly never fail to impress. This touching cover of “Though I Loved You” is sure to move you to tears.

10. Roy Kim

Roy Kim found his way into stardom by becoming the champion of “Superstar K4,” but that’s not all he gained from the experience. He also gained a friend, sometimes painted as his “opponent”: Jung Joon Young, who he’s gone on many adventures with. It’s always fun to watch them together! For example, the two were featured on “Celeb Bros”:

11. Jung Yong Hwa

Not only does he have endless musical abilities, but he’s also got an arsenal of variety show skills. Check out his imitations that even Simon D recognized as being the best!

12. Baekhyun

When Baekhyun’s not belting crazy notes on stage, he’s always got the silliest and creative antics that can be noticed from a mile away. Remember that one time he made up a word?

13. Bobby

Many know Bobby as an idol rapper and former champion of “Show Me the Money,” and while those roles are full of swag, we learned that there is another side to this intense rapper. He’s got an obsession with Winnie the Pooh that we can’t help but find adorable.

14. Taemin

SHINee’s maknae has come a long way in the last 10 years, and let’s be real, we’re super thankful we got to witness him reach adult age because that means sexier choreographies like in “MOVE.” It’s like we’re always on the edge of our seats wondering what impressive dance moves he’ll create.


15. ONE

ONE has got quite a few songs out now, with music videos where we can observe his beautiful face in high definition, but we also love his artsy social media posts. We’re partially still fixated on this Instagram story he posted and trying to figure out just exactly what’s going on.

Who are your favorite male solo artists? Let us know in the comments below!

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