Go Kyung Pyo And Jun So Min Happily Talk About Their Experience Working Together On “Cross”

During the press conference for tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Cross,” Go Kyung Pyo and Jun So Min talked about their experience working together.

“Cross” is a medical revenge thriller that follows the story of genius doctor Kang In Kyu (Go Kyung Pyo) who dreams of getting revenge, humanistic doctor Go Jung Hoon (Jo Jae Hyun), and his daughter, organ transplant coordinator Go Ji In (Jun So Min). While Go Kyung Pyo and Jo Jae Hyun will be locked in a fierce battle of morals and wit, their relationship will also become more complicated as Go Kyung Pyo and Jun So Min become romantically involved.

On their experience working together, Jun So Min said, “When I first heard that I would be working with Go Kyung Pyo, I was really happy. He’s always a very warm person on set and he takes care of those around him. Though he’s younger than me, he’s very thoughtful and kind. I should be taking care of him because I’m older, but it feels like he’s the one taking care of me.”

Go Kyung Pyo also had nothing but good things to say about his counterpart. “When I first met Jun So Min, I was really happy. Our drama is quite solemn overall as it deals with a heavy subject, but she keeps the atmosphere lively. She’s someone we needed because she’s such a great and personable individual. We were filming late yesterday and she took great care of me. I’m happy and honored to work with her.”

Viewers will be able to enjoy Jun So Min and Go Kyung Pyo’s chemistry from January 29, when the first episode will air at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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