7 Best Moments From Super Junior’s “Super Show 7” In Singapore

Super Junior started their overseas “Super Show 7” tour in Singapore! The action-packed concert featured exclusive concept videos, fireworks, lasers, and tons of wacky antics and spontaneity from all the members. “Super Show 7” marks the return of members Siwon, Eunhyuk, and Donghae after serving 2 years of military service.

Super Junior Singapore

Seven members, Leeteuk, Shindong, Heechul, Siwon, Donghae, Eunhyuk, and Yesung participated in this world tour. Here are 7 of our favourite moments from the concert:

1. Super Junior’s being kings of fanservice

Super Junior displayed their love and appreciation for E.L.Fs throughout the concert by doing their best to communicate in English and giving their fans affectionate nicknames like “Princesses” and even preparing a proposal for their fans.

Eunhyuk’s ending comments:

Leeteuk calling the fans their “princesses”:

2. Members’ close relationship

Super Junior also showed off their chemistry as a 12-year-old (going on 13) veteran idol group! Check out these heartwarming moments between the members below:

Eunhyuk asking Siwon for a piggyback

Yesung giving Eunhyuk a back hug

Human sandwich

 3. Super Junior saving the world

During their performance of the nostalgic hit “Rokkugo”, Super Junior members dressed up as superheroes in colored spandex suits, and Shindong as a robot:

 4. Medley of their best hits

The extensive concert setlist featured 20 songs from their various albums, but the number that took the cake was their special medley of “Sorry sorry,” Mr. Simple,” and “Bonamana“:

5. “It’s You” performance

We also loved their beautifully choreographed, stripped back dance version of “It’s You“, in blindfold:

6. Featured back-up dancers

Throughout the concert, the spotlight also shone on Super Junior’s backup dancers – and for a good reason. The talented dance crew commanded the stage well with their slick dance moves, and fans with a keen eye might have also noticed that some of the beautiful dancers were actually already celebrities who had gained fame through performing “Gashina” with Sunmi.

7. Members’ special talents

During the concert, members also showcased their talent through various musical performances:

Donghae playing the piano

Siwon DJ-ing

Heechul on drums

“Super Show 7” showcased how the group has come a long way to become veterans in the K-pop scene, with members playing a bigger role in the concept planning and stage work of this tour. We look forward to future Super Shows with more Super Junior members reunited!

Special thanks to Rock Media for the invitation to Super Junior’s “Super Show 7” Live in Singapore.

Photo Credit: Rock Media

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