Watch: Chungha And Seol In Ah Have A Sporty Date Out Together

On the January 27 episode of SBS’ variety show “It’s Okay To Be Slightly Crazy,” actress Seol In Ah and Chungha enjoyed a day out together by trying out art climbing.

When Seol In Ah met with Chungha, they were asked if they knew each other already. Seol In Ha answered, “We became friends at a dance academy in high school.”

Seol In Ah shared that she was into jiujitsu, and to strengthen her grip, the actress took Chungha to an indoors sports center.

The two friends tried out art climbing for the first time. Seol In Ah tried the amateur course, while Chungha tried the beginner’s course.

Both of them climbed to the top with ease, but when coming down, Chungha made a cool stride down the wall, while Seol In Ha slid down and fell to her knees because she had exhausted herself climbing up!

Watch the fun time Chungha and Seol In Ha had together below!

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