Woo Jin Young Talks About Winning And Placing First On “MIXNINE”

On a January 31 broadcast through Naver V Live, Woo Jin Young talked about winning as first place among the male contestants on JTBC’s “MIXNINE,” which aired its finale episode on January 26.

He shared, “During the live broadcast of the final episode, I was so nervous. I was able to achieve first place because of my fans. Without my fans, there would be no me.” He thanked his fans and stated, “I am your singer. I hope we can go together forever. I practiced hard for the final. Thank you for your positive response.”

As “MIXNINE” was his second survival program, Woo Jin Young talked about how he felt nervous and pressured to show a better side of himself than he did in the first survival program. He commented, “It was really fun, but it was also really hard. I think the pressure was really big. I had a lot of thoughts and worries. I’m so glad that my hard work paid off and that I got first place. It was definitely memorable.”

Woo Jin Young then looked back on his performances from the show. On his first stage, “Born Hater,” he shared, “I was so nervous. I had 16 lines of rap but I felt pressured. I watched the show and I didn’t come out well. I kept lifting my chin. I’m paying attention to these things on stage.” He commented on his second stage “Paradise Lost,” and said, “During the competition, I wanted to show an unexpected charm, so I tried a sexy concept for the first time. During the performance, one of my buttons came undone. It wasn’t intentional, but people really enjoyed it.”

He also talked about the importance of his finale performance, “What!?”. He explained, “Because it was the last performance, I wanted to show a good side of myself. I stayed up late to practice. Since it was the one that gave me first place, it’s really memorable. I listen to “What!?” frequently, and it’s such a good song. I’m quite fond of it.”

During the broadcast, some of his fellow “MIXNINE” contestants, such as Lee Byoung Gon, Kim Hyun Soo, Jo Yong Geun, and Kim Sang Won, also watched the session and left comments. Woo Jin Young adorably asked Lee Byoung Gon to leave some hearts. A fan then asked the former if he was close to the latter.

He answered, “I’m really close with Lee Byoung Gon. We called each other the day before yesterday. I really like him. I’m also close to Choi Hyun Suk. I got close with a lot of the YG guys.” He also danced to “Just Dance” at two times the speed and commented, “I think Lee Byoung Gon is watching this.”

Woo Jin Young thanked special judges Song Mino of WINNER and Zion.T as well. A fan asked him how he felt when he was praised by Zion.T, to which he replied, “After my ‘What!?’ performance, I felt really good hearing Zion.T praise me. It was like winning first place in another way. I was really thankful. I also got praised by Song Mino after ‘Born Hater.’ I couldn’t hold back my feelings and jumped around afterwards.” He continued, “I paid a lot of attention to the lyrics. Song Mino and Zion.T are both seniors who are masters in this area, so I felt really great.”

Woo Jin Young concluded, “Thank you all for making me first place. I’ll meet fans through V Live frequently from now on. Let’s meet again next time.”

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