Watch: Kwon Sang Woo And Choi Kang Hee Are Mischievous Detectives In

A new teaser has been released for KBS’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Mystery Queen Season 2” starring Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Kang Hee.

This is the second season of the popular mystery-comedy drama “Mystery Queen” that aired in 2017. “Mystery Queen 2” is about a woman named Yoo Seul Ok (played by Choi Kang Hee), who gave up her dream of becoming a detective after getting married to a prosecutor, and a police detective who solves any case that comes his way named Ha Wan Seung (played by Kwon Sang Woo).

The new teaser starts with security camera footage of a bloody crime scene with two bodies on the floor and a man standing over them with his back to the camera. Audio from a news segment plays in the background with anchors saying, “A woman in her 20s who called 112 was murdered after being kidnapped. The police who received the call searched the wrong location.”

Choi Kang Hee and Kwon Sang Woo are unmoving on the floor with bloody scratches on their faces. The news continues, “There is growing criticism over the police department’s actions. Valuable lives that could’ve been saved were lost.”

Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Kang Hee walk through a tunnel and over a bridge, and the mysterious man has blood dripping down his hand standing next to the two bodies. The anchors add, “The police issued an official apology regarding their shortcomings and is also carrying out a sting operation.”

To the sound of upbeat rock music and sirens in the distance, Kwon Sang Woo’s fingers began to move as he peeks his eyes open. Choi Kang Hee also opens her eyes and the two quickly get up with a tape outline remaining on the floor.

“Mystery Queen 2” will premiere on February 28 at 10 p.m. KST. Watch the teaser below!


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