Jun So Min Says Appearing On Variety Shows Helped Her With Camera Fright

Jun So Min appeared on tvN’s “Life Bar” with tvN drama “Cross” co-stars Go Kyung Pyo and Jo Jae Hyun.

On the February 1 episode, Jun So Min opened up about her difficulties with acting on camera. She said, “Emotional scenes are still very difficult for me and to be honest, I have camera fright. My personality isn’t someone who enjoys the attention of others watching me. It’s fine when I’m practicing alone, but when I first started acting, I could hear the sounds of the cameras rolling.”

She continued, “Thankfully, that got better because there are so many cameras on variety programs. But I’m still scared of emotional scenes.” The actress has been a fixed member of SBS’s “Running Man” since April of 2017.

MC Shin Dong Yup then mentioned that actors don’t have many scenes of looking directly into the camera, whereas MCs on variety shows have to make direct eye contact with the camera. MC and Super Junior’s Kim Heechul echoed the statement and said singers also have to look into the camera while performing on stage.

Jun So Min added, “When I sense the camera, then I can feel the people monitoring my acting on the screen behind the camera. When I was a rookie, I couldn’t shed tears because of the pressure to cry. They waited for me, but the tears wouldn’t fall even more because I felt the pressure of all of these staff members staring at me waiting for me to do something.”

She listed all of the ways she tried to cry on set at the time, like not blinking and looking directly into the lights, and thanked the director for being considerate.

“Life Bar” airs on Thursday nights at 10:50 p.m. KST.

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