Kang Dong Won Explains His Standards For Choosing Films And Why He Cried At A Film Screening

Kang Dong Won appeared on SBS’s “Night of Real Entertainment,” where he spoke about his upcoming film “Golden Slumber” and his thoughts on acting.

“Golden Slumber” is a film about a package deliveryman who becomes falsely accused of assassinating a presidential candidate. It is based on the novel by Isaka Kotaro and a remake of the 2010 Japanese film of the same name.

Kang Dong Won began, “Eight years ago, I read the novel and suggested it should be made into a movie to a film company.” He revealed his thoughts behind choosing to appear in the film and said, “It’s not easy to escape once someone is falsely accused of something by a larger authority, but the process of his way of working it out was interesting.”

When the actor was asked to choose between looking good and acting well, he answered, “I’m an actor, so I’ll choose acting well.” The interviewer then told him that when Jung Woo Sung was asked the same question, he chose “looking good.” Kang Dong Won laughed and said that the two hung out together the previous night.

Kang Dong Won talked about his standards for choosing a film. He explained, “Regardless of the genre, I look at the completeness of the film script. I also look to see if it has mass appeal, if it’s worth conveying, and approach it very emotionally. I’m sentimental and cry a lot.”

Kang Dong Won was seen crying at a screening for his recent film “1987.” The actor explained, “I was really embarrassed about that, but that morning, I met with people who lived through that incident and that era. I met them that morning and cried.”

“1987” is a film about the June Democracy Movement in South Korea in 1987, when protests against the government heightened after a student activist was tortured to death during an interrogation by authorities.

About his biggest concern as an actor, Kang Dong Won said, “It’s a job that represents the times, so I want to become an actor who can give comfort and sympathy to many people.”

“Golden Slumber” will premiere in theaters in Korea on February 14.

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