Celebrities Show Support For “The Unit” Contestants Ahead Of Finale

The Unit” is finally coming to a close!

Ahead of the finale, various stars have expressed their warm support.

Actress Shin Hye Sun encouraged people to vote during the final broadcast and added, “I will also vote.”


Actress Myung Se Bin posted a photo with Ra Mi Ran and Lee Yo Won, and she wrote in the caption, “Jun Young is on the mission to get first place,” referring to their “Avengers Social Club” co-star and U-KISS member Jun.

Lee Yo Won also shared photos from the meet-up and cheered on Jun through her caption, wishing for him to take first place.

Block B’s Jaehyo wrote, “Ahead of the final vote, Jjun sent me a very commercial promotional poster.” He added, “Please voteo so that our Jjun can take first.”

Jeon Min Ju and Yujin went to support their former The Ark group members Euna Kim and Lee Suji and shared a photo.


Former SPICA members Bohyung, Sihyun, and Boa also showed up to support Yang Jiwon.


B.A.P’s Himchan took to Instagram in support of Boys Republic’s Suwoong. His caption reads, “Everyone vote Suwoong.”


Yuk Ji Dam asked people to vote for Euna Kim, Suwoong, and Daewon and congratulated them on making it to the finale.


Hello Venus members and Pledis Entertainment artists cheered on former Hello Venus member Yoonjo.

A few days prior, Nara posted a screenshot of her voting and asked for people to vote.


On February 9, Lime shared instructions on how to vote during the live show and added, “Honest, cute, pretty, sexy Yoonjo unnieHwaiting until the end, let’s go!”

In response, After School’s Lizzy commented, “I didn’t know and already sent the text. I sent a screenshot and sent it to Shin Yoonjo, and she scolded me, telling me to send it tomorrow.”


NU’EST’s Ren wrote on February 9, “I will be cheering on Yoonjo noona and hoping for good results tomorrow! Everyone, please give her lots of votes!”


NU’EST’s Aron commented, “Yoonjo noona, you have worked hard until the end! Everyone, please give a valuable vote to Yoonjo noona!”


NU’EST’s JR wrote, “Yoonjo noona‘s ‘The Unit’ final stage begins at 10 p.m. tonight,” and added, “Please give her a valuable text vote.”


2PM’s Chansung posted instructions on how to vote for MYNAME’s Seyong with the caption, “Please support Seyong for the live broadcast today~”

Seyong previously trained at JYP Entertainment, and the two were also co-stars in musical “Altar Boyz” in Japan last year.

KARD members and Heo Young Ji showed support for their DSP labelmate Lee Hyun Joo.

J.Seph encouraged everyone to vote and shared a photo together with Lee Hyun Joo. He wrote, “Let’s bring good news to DSP.”

BM also showed his strong support.


Heo Young Ji also posted voting instructions and wrote, “Please give her lots of support~”


Many Starship Entertainment artists posted to cheer on Boyfriend’s Donghyun.

K.Will shared instructions to vote for him and wrote, “I have watched our Boyfriend leader Donghyun grow for 15 years. Please give him support!! Text votes, let’s go!!”

MONSTA X’s Jooheon shared, “Leader Donghyun of our senior group Boyfriend! Donghyun hyung who is also a very good hyung to me! ‘The Unit’ final voting!! Please give him lots of support! We are really cheering you on a lot! Our hyung! The best! Hwaiting!”

Cosmic Girls’ Bona and Soobin uploaded photos of themselves with the caption, “Considerate and fun Donghyun sunbaenim of Boyfriend, who has taken good care of us since trainee days, is on ‘The Unit’!” They encouraged people to vote and concluded, “Donghyun sunbaenimhwaiting.”

Jeong Sewoon posted on Instagram, “Please give lots of attention and love to the final “The Unit” stage for Boyfriend’s Donghyun hyung, Starship’s pillar. He is a really great hyung,” and asked for people to vote.


Soyou wrote, “Please vote for Boyfriend’s Donghyun oppa. Hwaiting!”


Mad Clown also posted, “Donghyun, hwaiting!!!!” and encouraged people to vote.


Junggigo wrote, “The end of a long journey, the last voting for ‘The Unit’ begins around 10 p.m. tonight. Please give support so that Boyfriend’s Donghyun, who has worked hard until now, to finish well until the end!”


Hoya posted a photo with his close friend and BIGSTAR member Feeldog, referring to him by his birth name Oh Kwang Suk. “Kwang Suk, you have worked hard! Don’t forget, you are the best after me,” he joked.


Samuel reposted labelmate Feeldog’s post and added, “Kwang Suk hyung, let’s go for first!!!!!!!!!”


UNIQ’s Sungjoo revealed a photo of Feeldog and commented, “Please send a text vote for ‘The Unit’ at 10 p.m. Feeldog hyung whom I love, hwaiting~!!”

Secret’s Jung Hana asked people to vote for her labelmate Euijin of SONAMOO. She then wrote to Euijin, “You have worked so hard, Euijin!! You are the best!!!!! Let’s gain just a little more strength until the end!!!!”

“The Unit” finale airs on February 10 at 9:50 p.m. KST. Best of luck to all the contestants!

Before the finale, catch the previous episode of “The Unit” below:

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