After being chosen as members of the final groups, “The Unit” finalists have shared their thoughts with fans!

U-KISS’s Jun posted shortly after the finale, “I wasn’t able to say this because I was really taken aback earlier, but I think I was able to get first thanks to the love and support of many people. Thank you so much to everyone who voted. I am so happy to have met the very great Unit B friends, and I have been thankful for all of you!!”

He concluded, “I will cherish these memories deep in my heart!! You have all worked hard. I love you!!!!”

BIGFLO’s Euijin shared photos with the “Pull Me” team and included the caption, “I finished in second place thanks to many people that voted for me, cheered me on, and supported me for the final ‘The Unit’ stage~! Thank you so much, and I will give back to the great love given to me~! And ‘The Unit’ family that I have been together with, the ‘Pull Me’ team that I concluded the program with, thank you for the wonderful memories!! You have all worked hard~!!”

BIGSTAR’s Feeldog, who placed fourth, wrote, “Thank you. I will give back to the love you have given me. Our Unit B who has gotten close over the past six months as we shared each of our pains and concerns, you have worked so hard.”

He continued, “Thank you so much to the Unit Makers and BIGSTAR’s Only One. Thank you also to all the staff of ‘The Unit.’ I will become a greater Feeldog. And thank you to my mother and father for bringing me into this world. I love you. Lastly to the ‘Pull Me’ team, I love you so much.”

H.B.Y’s Marco, who took fifth place, posted, “I sincerely thank everyone that supported me. I will give back. My parents, I love you.”

NewKidd’s Ji Hansol wrote, “Thank you all,” with a photo featuring friends that supported him at the finale. The image includes Kim Tae Min from “Produce 101 Season 2,” BLANC7’s Shinwoo, model Park Yu Ri, and former “Super Idol” contestant Park Yongju.

Daewon remarked, “Everyone, thank you so much. I got seventh. My mind is out of it, and I cannot believe it…Unit Makers, everyone that believed and voted for me, I will give back as much as you have believed in me and voted for me. Please continue to give me lots of love.”

He then wrote to fellow MADTOWN member Lee Geon, “My friend Kyung Tak, thank you so much, and you have worked hard. I have been happy for these past six months, which can be seen as a long or short amount of time, and let’s continue on the flowery road!!”

He concluded, “I really love you all..! ‘The Unit,’ thank you.”

Kijoong posted on IM’s official Instagram, “There were many difficult times during ‘The Unit,’ but I think there were even more happy times. ‘The Unit’ hyungwho were by my side helping me and giving me strength, IM member hyungs who participated with me and were my support system, the Unit Makers who always supported me and voted for me, I was able to make it to the final stage and rise to the high ranking of eighth thanks to all of you.”

He thanked the staff and mentors of “The Unit” and concluded, “In the future, I will show better sides of myself and growth that will surprise you. I will work hard so that you don’t regret your decision. Thank you so much, and I love you.”

SONAMOO’s Euijin took to her group’s fancafe to express her thoughts after taking first place. She wrote, “‘The Unit’ that made it possible for me, who was just young and didn’t know anything, to say that I have grown and created an experience more valuable than anything, the staff, senior artists, all of Unit G and B, I want to say thank you so much and that you have worked so hard.”

She shared that this is the most happiness she has felt at once, so she is not sure how to express her emotions. She thanked Secret’s Hana for always giving good advice, her parents, agency staff, SONAMOO members, and her fans. “The driving force that allowed me to come this long way without getting tired is really thanks to all of you.”

“I will continue to show various sides of myself through Unit G,” she ended.

DIA’s Yebin posted, “I was able to complete ‘The Unit’ with the high ranking of second place thanks to the votes and support of Unit Makers! Thank you so much. I felt burdened and was really scared at first, but I am proud because I think I was able to grow a bit through ‘The Unit.’ The 126 ‘The Unit’ contestants including myself, you have all worked hard. I will not forget and will remember all our times together.”

She continued by thanking “The Unit” staff, teachers, and mentors, fans, DIA members, family, and friends. Yebin concluded by promising to make everyone proud and asking people to look forward to her with Unit G.

NC.A commented, “I was able to be part of the final Unit G in third place thanks to all of you. Thank you for believing in me and giving your valuable vote.”

She shared, “When I first decided to appear on ‘The Unit,’ I didn’t even have small expectations, so I feel a little disappointment thinking that I should have been a little more positive. They say what you say becomes reality, so I plan on thinking more positively in the future!”

NC.A thanked “The Unit” contestants, the mentors, teachers, staff, and Unit Makers and concluded, “I will work hard and do well with Unit G!!”

Former Hello Venus member Yoonjo revealed that there were many times when she wanted to give up throughout the program and thanked the other contestants for always supporting her during those moments.

“Also thank you so much to the Unit Makers and fans that gave me a higher ranking than expected. Every time my ranking rose, I gained confidence and worked harder to not disappoint you. It meant a lot and I was happy even to make it to the finale, but thank you for giving me fourth place. I am still lacking and have a lot to learn, but I will work harder to always show good sides of myself,” she continued.

She also thanked “The Unit” staff and mentors, as well as Hello Venus and NU’EST members that went to support her at the finale.

Yoonjo posted a separate selfie with the final members of the girl group and the caption, “Now! This is the start!”

Former APRIL member Lee Hyun Joo wrote, “I had a lot of worries and concerns before starting, but I took on the challenge because I really wanted to achieve my dream again. I also wanted to show to my parents that I am now a great daughter that doesn’t get hurt or sick.”

She shared that she was really happy everyday and felt how valuable it is to get to perform on stage and added, “Thank you so much to the Unit Makers and fans that changed what could’ve been my last performance into a new start! I think I was able to gain strength because you always supported me, believed in me, and gave me love. I will make sure to give back!”

Lee Hyun Joo then thanked “The Unit” contestants, mentors, staff, and her family. She concluded, “I am so honored to be together with such great and precious members!! I will work hard to show many good sides of myself with Unit G!! Please give lots of support~ Thank you so much!!”

Dal Shabet’s Woohee thanked everyone from “The Unit” and continued, “I think I was able to gain the courage to come to this point because my very valuable family, friends, and Dal Shabet members were by my side.. I really love you.”

She also expressed gratitude for her agency and the fans that always give her strength with their love.

Woohee continued, “I really shed a lot of tears for the past half year, but as many tears as I shed, they were valuable tears that I gained just as much from, so I don’t have any regrets. Rather than focusing on results, I will always work my hardest to not disappoint myself. I love you all.”

LABOUM’s ZN uploaded a selfie with a caption that reads, “Latte, thank you.” Latte is the name of LABOUM’s fanclub.

Lee Suji, formerly of The Ark, posted, “‘The Unit’ that I have been with for 6-7 months, our Unit Makers, and all the contestants and staff of ‘The Unit,’ you have all worked hard, and thank you so much. And my family and members that always believe in me and love me, thank you so much..!”

She spoke of Euna Kim, “Sadly, I am unable to be with Euna unnie, but I was very happy as we both grew more through ‘The Unit’ and thankfully got to stand on the stage of our dreams together by being on the same team several times.”

Lee Suji continued on The Ark and Real Girls Project, “Our The Ark members and Real Girls members, you have all worked so hard.. I believe it is really a gift from the heavens that I met our members. My reliable colleagues! I love you and am supporting you.”

“And all of you!!! Please continue to support me on my new beginning. Hwaiting,” she concluded.

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