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Every Sunday night (or Monday, when the subs come out), we are thoroughly entertained by the gang from the third season of “2 Days & 1 Night.” Whether it is one-upping each other during games, wearing ridiculous outfits, or trying to outsmart the production team, it is always a barrel of laughs every minute! And sometimes, the laughter comes from the very things that they say – the silly, the random, and the completely outrageous!

So here are a list of some of these quotes, and hopefully they will bring some laughter to your day!


Jung Joon Young and the sleeping bag

Episode: Dejavu Trip (Part 2)

When Eun Ji Won wakes the gang up as a morning angel (and heats up squid for breakfast!), Joon Young says: “Hyung, did you know? The fascinating thing about sleeping bags is, it’s really warm when it’s zipped up, but it’s cold when you unzip it!”

Ji Won’s reaction: “We never had a child like him (in Season 1).”

Kim Jong Min and baseball

Episode: Live or Die for Baseball (Part 1)

During the baseball special episode, the coach and the gang were deciding starting positions, and the coach, says, “And the closer will be….Kim Jong Min!”

Kim Jong Min (super excited): “Ahhh…I worked so hard for that!”
(1 second later)
Also Kim Jong Min: “What’s a closer?”

Cha Tae Hyun and the beetle

Episode: Summer Health Food (Part 2)

While playing a game by the window, everyone freaks out over a beetle that is inching towards them.
Tae Hyun: “What do I do? What do I do? It looked me IN THE EYES!”

When Defcon moves to get rid of the beetle, Tae Hyun insists, “Don’t! It’s our only audience. I’m communicating with it right now!”

Kim Jun Ho and his rule to variety

Episode: Autumn Men’s Trip (Part 1)

In this episode, Jun Ho needs to leave the filming early to attend his Busan Comedy Festival, so guest star Choo Sung Hoon comes to take his place. When asked to give some advice, Jun Ho says, “Since this is a variety show, it needs to be entertaining. If you think you can’t be funny….just strip!”

Kim Jong Min and his future children

Episode: Going to Seoul National University (Part 1)

When seeing a Seoul National University student while walking on the streets, Kim Jong Min suddenly muses, “I need to marry an SNU graduate. Only then will my children’s IQ balance out!”

Jung Joon Young and Korean literature

Episode: Win Popularity (Part 2)

While bragging about their respective fans that joined them on the trip, Joon Young loudly and proudly declares, “She majored in Korean literature!” Without taking a beat, and just as loudly, Joon Young adds, “But what do you actually learn in Korean literature?”

Kim Jun Ho and Kim Jong Min

Episode: Kim Jong Min Special (Part 1)

Answering the age-old(?) question of whether Jong Min is stupid or actually a genius, Jun Ho confidently answers, “Despite what you might think, everyone, he’s not stupid….He’s an idiot.”
Jong Min: “Ahhh hyung! That was a secret!”

Cha Tae Hyun and “the bottom half”

Episode: The Battle of Tongyeong

While playing a game to make the largest circle possible, both two teams quickly undress so they can use their clothing and accessories. Afterwards, they video call each other to see how far they’ve gone.
Jun Ho: “What? They’re covering the lower halves!”
Tae Hyun: “They should. It’s not the nicest thing to show!”

Kim Jun Ho and maths

Episode: Going to Seoul National University (Part 2)

While trying to understand/explain a math question about fractions, Jun Ho says, “Think about it. You have half an apple, and another half, and you…..multiply them…..How are you supposed to multiply apples? You can’t do apples. Let’s use bread instead!”

Kim Jong Min and flying

Episode: Drama Road (Part 1)

While traveling by helicopter, Jong Min pleads, “Can’t we stop traveling by air? We’re not birds, you know!”

Jung Joon Young and the bear

Episode: Korea Legacy Guards (Part 2)

While at a wildlife conservatory, and observing bears in their habitat, Joon Young is suddenly overwhelmed by curiosity, and asks, “Do male bears pee standing up?”

Kim Jong Min and the boar

Episode: Spring Mountain Hike (Part 1)

While playing a quiz, the production team asks, “What should you do when you see a boar?”
Jong Min: “Attack it first! Punch it in the jaw!”

BONUS: Jung Joon Young’s answers (to the same quiz)
Joon Young: “Run with all your might!”
Production team: “The running part is right. But how do you run?”
Joon Young (after thinking for a bit): “With…your eyes open?”

And later, Joon Young: “Run like a tree!”

Seriously, how silly and weird can our boys be? And their willingness to spout whatever nonsense that comes to mind, no matter how self-deprecating or how naive it makes them look, is definitely a major reason why we love them all so much!


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