8 Moments From Episodes 5 And 6 Of

Radio Romance” is the new and adorable KBS2 rom-com starring Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon as Ji Soo Ho and Kim So Hyun as Song Geu Rim. This drama has been stealing the hearts of many as the blossoming relationship between the two main leads have officially begun. We’re loving every gushy and feet-kicking moment.


Here’s a look at eight moments from this past week’s episodes of “Radio Romance” that had our hearts squealing with joy.

1. Ji Soo Ho having a nice warm meal with Song Geu Rim and her mom:

This was a huge step in terms of Soo Ho finally opening up his a heart a bit more to Geu Rim. I love that he went out of his way to help her mom and even agreed to stay to have a meal with her. Geu Rim appearing was a pleasant surprise and I’m glad she showed up to see that he can be nice!

2. Soo Ho’s continued jealousy

When Lee Gang tells Geu Rim that they have to stay up all night together again, Soo Ho’s jealousy overtakes him and he finally takes initiative. The part where he asks Geu Rim’s mother if she can stay up with him is especially adorable!


3. When Soo Ho just can’t stop glancing at Geu Rim

SERIOUS FEELS. Get you a guy who looks at you the way Soo Ho looks at Geu Rim.


4. And then he says this heart-stopping line.


5. …With this song playing in the background

And we’ve officially got some serious butterflies! The song is sung by NakJoon (also known as Bernard Park), which is obviously why it’s so soul-touching.

6. Soo Ho bonding with the kid at the orphanage

The two of them connecting and relating to each other made me so sad, but so happy. It’s nice to see that Soo Ho can see himself in the kid and and understand his pain. They’re not alone!

7. Soo Ho and Geu Rim successfully completing the radio program

The whole feel of the children singing at the end of their program was really emotional, especially considering the fact that it was the exact place where Soo Ho and Geu Rim had met when they were younger.

8. That epic last kiss scene where everything comes together

And finally that moment we were all waiting for. Not only the kiss, but the hopes that Geu Rim will finally remember who Soo Ho is. The juxtaposition between the current kiss and past kiss is just too sweet!

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