VIXX’s N Shares How He Dealt With His Fellow Members Making A Group Chat Without Him

VIXX’s N appeared as a guest on the latest episode of “Radio Star,” and he told a funny story about the group!

On the March 7 episode of the MBC variety and talk show, N was asked to explain comments from before the show when he’d described himself as the role model of the rest of the members. When asked if that wasn’t just something he believed on his own, N replied, “The members really like me.”

As N and everyone laughed, N explained that it was because he’s the one who speaks up for them and he’s been their leader since their trainee days.

The hosts then asked N to explain the story he’d mentioned in the pre-interview about how he discovered that his fellow members had made a group chat without him.

“I was so shocked,” said N with a laugh. “It was two or three months after my birthday. They told me that they’d made it to plan my birthday party.”

The hosts and other guests laughed and joked about what the members might have said in the chat without him. N said he’d been upset when he saw that they had a chat with just the five of them, but he felt better when they told him they had made it for his birthday.

Kim Gura asked him, “Does that group chat still exist?”

“I deleted it,” answered N, cracking everyone up. “I took each of their phones and hit ‘Leave’ on the group.”

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