“My Golden Life” Cast Shares Their Thoughts After Drama Finale

KBS’s “My Golden Life” started off with high viewership ratings and recently concluded its run by breaking its own record.

As the well-loved drama comes to an end, the cast shared their thoughts.

Park Si Hoo said his goodbyes through an interview, “As an actor, it is difficult to be in a project that exceeds viewership ratings of 40 percent. It has definitely been an enjoyable eight months. Through this drama, I have grown as an actor and it will be a project that I will never forget. I would like to honor the director and writer who worked on this project for a long time in order to produce the best quality and to the staff members who worked day and night, as well as in the cold. The drama shined even more because of them. I would like to thank my seniors who warmed the filming set through their advice and consideration, and my younger colleagues for showing their bright personalities.”

Lee Tae Hwan commented, “#GoodbyeSunwooHyuk #ConcludingThoughts It just felt like yesterday since we had our first filming, but now eight months have passed and we have reached the end of the run. To me, it doesn’t feel like the drama has ended. Sunwoo Hyuk is a new friend that I have gained in my life. Thank you to the director, writer, staff members, senior actors, and to the viewers of ‘My Golden Life’ who spent such a long time laughing and crying together; and for loving me as Sunwoo Hyuk! Because of you guys, I really felt like it was ‘My Golden Life.’ I will work hard and be back with a new side of me soon! Please continue to support me! Thank you!! #ComebackLeeTaeHwan”

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Shin Hye Sun posted a group photo of the crew members and shared, “End of filming.. I really respect the directors and staff members of ‘My Golden Life’ who have worked so hard since last July. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and enjoyable at the set. You’ve worked hard~”

Seo Eun Soo posed with the script of the drama’s first episode and commented, “Filming of ‘My Golden Life’ started in summer and now, we have completed one full cycle [of the seasons]. I can’t seem to believe that it is time to part with the actors and staff members who h ave become one big family. Please be with us till the very end of the last episode tomorrow!!”

Lee Da In did a throwback and shared, “To commemorate the last episode this week, here’s a photo from the press conference last August! Time really passes too fast, it has already been seven months. Today at 8 p.m #MyGoldenLife”

Choi Gwi Hwa also shared his thoughts through a recent interview. He posed with the script of the drama’s final episode and shared, “It’s such a pity and I do feel sad. It is the first time that I have attempted a role in a melo-comedy drama. Although there were times when it felt difficult, I had such an enjoyable time. Thank you to the director, writer, staff members, and viewers for the support and love for Kang Nam Goo.”

The cast in currently in Guam, as they celebrate the success of “My Golden Life”.

Watch the finale below if you haven’t already!

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