Update: “Amazing Saturday” Reveals Main Poster With New Cast Member

Updated March 17 KST:

tvN has dropped a poster for their upcoming variety show “Amazing Saturday”!

The poster shows Shin Dong Yup, Girl’s Day’s HyeriPark Na RaeMoon Se Yoon, SHINee’s Key, rapper Hanhae, and MMA fighter Kim Dong Hyun going for an “Indiana Jones” concept.

The seven stars were previously announced to be the cast members, but the newly released poster shows Boom peeking out as well with his name included at the bottom. It appears he has also joined the cast.

Check out the poster below!

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Original Article:

tvN has released the first teasers for their upcoming variety show “Amazing Saturday”!

The cast consists of seven members, including Shin Dong Yup, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, Park Na Rae, Moon Se Yoon, SHINee’s Key, rapper Hanhae, and MMA fighter Kim Dong Hyun.

The show will be made up of several different corners including “DoReMi Market,” where the cast members participate in various games and missions to eat foods from the hottest markets across the country. Additional corners will continue to be revealed.

“Amazing Saturday” will air its first episode on April 7 at 7:40 p.m. KST.

The hashtags shown in the teaser playfully ask, “What are you doing today,” and “Aren’t you bored? Let’s play,” hinting at the theme of the show.

Check out the teasers below!

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