Shin Hye Sun Shares Thoughts On Reuniting With Lee Jong Suk In Upcoming Drama

In a recent interview, actress Shin Hye Sun talked about her upcoming drama “Death Song” and how it felt to work with Lee Jong Suk for a second time.

Earlier this week, Shin Hye Sun was confirmed to be starring opposite Lee Jong Suk in the new SBS short drama series as Yun Sim Deok, Korea’s first professional female soprano. Lee Jong Suk will be playing the role of her ill-fated lover, the genius playwright Kim Woo Jin.

Shin Hye Sun explained that she had chosen to take the role because she had been moved by the tragic love story of the two real-life figures. “I first heard Yun Sim Deok and Kim Woo Jin’s story on the radio before I debuted [as an actress],” she recalled, “and there was something romantic about it that made my heart flutter. I was amazed when I found out that I had the opportunity to play this role.”

She went on, “Although the filming schedule is rather tight, it’s all right because it’s a short series. I do feel pressured in regards to my acting, but it was something that I wanted to be a part of so badly that I didn’t want to let [the opportunity] slip by.”

The last time Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jong Suk worked together was five years ago, when they both appeared in the KBS drama “School 2013.” The actress shared that she was looking forward to acting with him again, noting that many of her acquaintances had praised Lee Jong Suk’s professionalism.

“We go to the same gym, so we’ve run into each other a couple times,” she remarked. “At any rate, he’s a senior actor that has really succeeded. People around me say that there’s a lot to learn from him, so even though [filming] will be short, I plan to learn whatever I can from him.”

Shin Hye Sun recently starred in the hit KBS drama “My Golden Life,” which came to an end on March 11. Check out the finale below!

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