BIGBANG’s Seungri Shares His Experiences And Life Lessons As A 12-Year Idol

On the March 21 episode of “Radio Star,” BIGBANG’s Seungri shared stories about his career.

During this episode, he jokingly confessed, “I don’t want to say this, but now that my members are in the military, I feel like I’m finally living. All the attention is on me. All the employees of my agency only think of me. When I wake up in the morning, there are 100 messages!” When the MCs asked if he felt lonely, he said, “Why would I feel lonely when they’re going to come back?”

While he gave a lot of funny commentary, Seungri also had some heartfelt advice to share with his Wanna One juniors. He candidly explained, “In the beginning, everything is fascinating, but that doesn’t even last three years. On your third year as an idol, you start to want to do things by yourself,” and talked about his own solo tracks as well as his members’.

The youngest BIGBANG member revealed, “As an eye-catching detail on my stage outfits, I always wore a rose on my suit. I wanted to see how popular I was, so I would always go to a mall in the neighborhood of Cheongdang in my stage outfit. When I went around the cosmetics area, I heard people going, ‘It’s Seungri. It’s Seungri.’ I’d go around the area twice.”

Seungri also honestly talked about how arrogant he had been when he was younger. He revealed how he had been so arrogant at one point that the MBC director had to come and get him because he wouldn’t come out of the waiting room. When the director had called for him, Seungri confessed he had just replied, “I’ll come after I tie my shoes.”

The BIGBANG member advised, “When you talk informally and drop the honorifics, people start to leave you. However, they don’t say it’s because they hate you. In the blink of an eye, my manager and stylist had changed. They didn’t say it was because of me though.” He added, “However, after I finally came to my senses, then during the seventh year of my career, all kinds of incidents started happening. Even when I was sleeping, something happened. Something that I didn’t even know about would be tied to me.”

“I wondered if I could continue my career after that,” Seungri shared. “I started to create other options. Personally, I wish this moment would last a little longer. You never know what will happen. I’m grateful and enjoying being with Wanna One right now.”

He sincerely concluded, “Rather than becoming stronger, I must have self-control. As someone who is responsible as the face of BIGBANG right now because all of my members are in the military, I plan to be highly active so that their empty spaces will not be felt.”

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