Byul Wishes Her Son A Happy Birthday With A Sweet Message And Photo Of Him And Haha

On March 22, Byul posted a photo of her husband Haha kissing their second son So Wool and wished him a happy birthday.

She wrote, “Happy birthday So Wool. Time really flies. Mom and dad are living and working harder today than yesterday because of you and your older brother Dream, who are unimaginably lovable . Please become a physically and mentally healthy, upright, and kind kid. Please become a bright, warm kid who always brings joy and strength to people around you. You don’t have to get good grades. Your mom and dad will always help you find what makes you happy. Please get along well with your older brother Dream. Love and cherish each other and become the world’s best brothers…and grow more than 180 [centimeters]…!!! Kekeke. I love you So Wool. Happy birthday.”

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소울아 생일축하해.♡ 시간이 너무 빠르구나. 엄마 아빤. 이렇게 눈에 넣어도 안아픈 사랑스런 너랑 드림형아가 있어서 오늘도 어제보다 더. 열심히 살고있단다. 몸과 마음이 고루 건강한. 바르고 착한아이로 자라주렴. 항상 주변사람들에게 기쁨이 되고 힘이되는 밝고 따뜻한 아이로 자라주렴. 공부는 못해도 돼. 니가 즐겁고 행복한일을 찾을수 있도록 엄마 아빠가 항상 도울거니까. 드림형아랑 사이좋게. 서로 사랑하고 아껴주며 세상 제일 이쁜 형제로.. 180넘게만 커다오..!!! 크크크 . 사랑해 소울♡생일축하해♡ . #하소울 #첫번째생일 #조촐한생파 #아빠와아들 #하동훈 #하동훈쥬니어 #2호 #하드림동생 #모두사랑해

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Byul and Haha got married in November of 2012 and welcomed their first son Dream in July of 2013. Their second child So Wool was born on March 22 of 2017.

Happy birthday So Wool!

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