Lee Tae Hwan Talks About 5URPRISE Members And Former Co-Star Lee Jong Suk

Lee Tae Hwan has been receiving lots of love for his recent drama “My Golden Life.” Following its conclusion, the actor sat down for an interview where he talked about his fellow 5URPRISE members, former co-star Lee Jong Suk, and his future goals.

The actor debuted in 2013 as a part of 5URPRISE with web drama “Another Parting.” 5URPRISE is an actor group formed by Fantagio Entertainment and includes Lee Tae Hwan, Seo Kang Joon, Gong Myung, Yoo Il, and Kang Tae Oh. After his debut, he appeared in numerous dramas such as “King of High School,” “Pride and Prejudice,” “Splendid Politics,” “Please Come Back, Mister,” “W,” and “Father I’ll Take Care of You.”

Lee Tae Hwan first talked about his fellow 5URPRISE members and their support for his acting in “My Golden Life.” He shared, “At first I couldn’t tell if they were watching the drama and didn’t even know if they were. But then one day, they sent screenshots to me in our group chat and cheered me on, telling me they liked it. We all respect each other. If I tell them I need help, they listen to what I have to say first. I think it’s because all five of us have different images and personalities.”

He also talked about the members’ individual popularity. Lee Tae Hwan commented, “I used to be fourth place, but now I’m around 2.5th place. First place is Seo Kang Joon and second place is Gong Myung. Since it hasn’t been long since my drama ended and it did well, I gained some recognition. But Gong Myung will start filming again soon, so I think the ranking may change.”

The actor also talked about his other celebrity friends, such as Lee Jong Suk. The two previously appeared in “W” together. Lee Tae Hwan talked about how Lee Jong Suk was like a mentor to him, saying, “Lee Jong Suk is someone you can learn a lot from. He gives a lot of good advice in terms of acting. If I have something I’m pondering over, he’ll contact me and listen, give me advice, and buy me god food. He’s really kind and awesome. He’s a guy I want to learn from.”

Lee Tae Hwan then shared that his goal was to continuously gain experience without rest. He explained, “After ‘Father I’ll Take Care of You,’ I rested for two months. I went on a trip to Jeju Island with my manager, and it was a lot of fun. But even as we were on the trip, I started to get antsy. I felt like I needed to work. If I get the opportunity to take part in a good project, I’d like to do it right away. I rested plenty while in Guam during the reward vacation for ‘My Golden Life.'” He commented that he wants to try a drama with a bright mood, and he wants to put immediately into action what he had learned from his two 50-episode dramas.

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