TVXQ Shares Stories From Comeback Preparations And Reactions To Their Appearance On “I Live Alone”

On March 28, TVXQ held their showcase “TVXQ! Welcome Back Party: The Chance of Love,” which was also broadcast on Naver’s V Live.

TVXQ released their eighth album “New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love” on March 28, two years and eight months after their last album in 2015. The group opened the showcase with “Love Line” and continued the event with more performances and interviews.

MC Park Ji Sun commented on TVXQ’s recent appearance on MBC’s “I Live Alone” and asked about the reactions of people around them. Yunho replied, “People said that it was nice because my personality was seen favorably by others, but I did hear that it was too much to be turning my music video on in the morning. That’s how much I love myself.”

Changmin added, “I received lots of questions about whether or not I really receive lessons like that. I usually split up my time and do it, but since I did it all in one day, I think it appeared that way. I usually divide them up.”

TVXQ introduced their newest album which consists of 11 tracks. One of them was composed and written by Changmin who said, “I told Yunho, ‘You have to sing it well.'” In response, Yunho said that he recorded it with more heart and soul than any other track.

He continued, “While singing ‘Love Line,’ Changmin said, ‘This needs to be the first track.’ I was thinking the same thing and thought, ‘Changmin and I are on the same wavelength.'”

Changmin said, “As a whole, the b-side tracks have a more relaxed feeling to them than the previous songs TVXQ used to perform. I think we worked on those types of songs to be relaxed and more approachable.”

Yunho also shared a story from filming their MV. He said, “When filming scenes where we turned around wearing long clothes or our jackets were flying, the staff held up a fan and blew strong wind at us. Every time the director told us to move with more passion, the staff member also had to move with more passion while blowing the wind. I felt sorry thinking about how hard it must’ve been for the staff. Later, the staff member’s pants ripped at the knees.”

Before performing their title track “The Chance of Love,” TVXQ said, “It’s not just a song about a man and a woman, but the lyrics reflect our destiny that we met as TVXQ and us wanting to continue that for a long time.”

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