TVXQ Shares The Heartfelt Advice They Give To Junior Artists

TVXQ has revealed what advice they have for their junior artists as veteran idols!

At the comeback showcase for their latest album “New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love” on March 28, Yunho mentioned that he was famous for doling out a lot of advice to younger idols. He remarked, “[SHINee’s] Taemin contacted me during his promotions for ‘MOVE‘ to ask me what I thought, which I was grateful for. I also praised NCT for their great energy during their first comeback stage.”

Yunho then elaborated on what kind of advice he typically gives to younger artists. “I tell them that if they start to slack off on stage, it’ll show,” he said. “The audience will know.”

He went on, “I tell them that their offstage image is important, too.”

When asked about the countless records TVXQ has set over the years, Yunho humbly replied, “We were very lucky.” Changmin chimed in, “I try not to worry too much about [setting records],” before adding jokingly, “I don’t want all of [our records] to be broken. Please let us keep about two of them.”

Yunho then shared one last piece of advice for junior idols, saying, “I advise them that what’s cool is to keep going for a long time [as a group].”

TVXQ is currently topping iTunes album charts worldwide with their latest release.

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